Friday, December 02, 2011

Row Row...Row your Boat!!!

my shiny Knight rowing us down the beautiful romantic lake
it was very fun!!!!

JS is a very competitive person
even in our relationship
esp when it comes to things involving skills.......
He gets even tougher

but then again this Monkey is another helluva competitive person
more Kiasu than any Singaporeans
also die die must win

so it was supposed to be a romantic outing on the lake
enjoying the views, the birds and most couple were doing their picnic on the boat
BUT......we were competing to see who rows better
and who oozes the most strength

thank gawd we didn't end up in the water
when I do find the time with all the pics
I'll do a proper posting on our rowing experience
and it happened to be my first :D

despite the competition
it was a great experience
I dun mind doin it again
even if it means we'll end up knocking/arguing to each other wif the paddles
*u better not drop the paddles, else both of us have to row ourselves back with our bare hands!!!!!*


Chasing Food Dreams said...

Wei... the pic of JS so 'yeng'... also this pic reminds me of 'The Terminator'... kekeke... :P

So romantic and fun.,. dont ever recall when I ever even rowed a boat!!

licheng said...

rowing along the Siene? nice! weather seemed real nice too.

CHER-RY said...

Food Dreams: Hahaha yea he alwiz thinks he looked like Ken Watanabe, the actor and Canon cameras ambassador....which I have second opinions :P

Kindy Chai: This was not the Seine, it was at the wonderful palace of Versailles - to be precise, at its huge garden. I sent u a postcard on it :))) should be coming ur way!!!!