Thursday, May 06, 2010

Spring Equinox in Switzerland

Beautiful aren't they?
these potted flowers were sold at CHF 1.90 = RM 5.70 at the supermarket
u can either transfer it fr the pot to your garden patch or just leave it as it is...
the colors were madness
I didn't know which one to choose!!
well if I were to buy...not like I can buy coz I can't bring them home
but if I am a Swiss, I'll have a new pot every single week
and ended up with more potted flowers at home than food :D

It was just the timing of work that we had to stay over in Switzerland for bout 2 weeks
and in time to celebrate Easter and Spring Equinox there
*well not like I celebrate it but it's good to join in the fun*

Equinox happens 2x a year - spring and autumn
well usually 20th or 21st March and 22nd or 23rd Sept
equinox is different fr solstice - the longest/shortest day

anyway equinox is the period whereby Earth and Sun's being on the same axis/plane
well so u get equal day and night...
in short whether u are on the north or south pole u get equal amount of day/nite and sun
*I am really bad in explaining technical stuffs hence leave all these to JS in the future*
**I am now doubting if my understanding is even CORRECT or not!!!*

there have been a lot of myths around this phenomenal since the ancient civilisation
but one thing for sure it does disrupt satellite communication bcoz of the alignment 
of these satellites, the Sun and Earth

One thing for sure....Earth Day was celebrated on March 21st *well used to*
Earth Day = Equinox Day
now it has been changed and Earth Day = April 22
*apa lar!!!! slaps forehead*

anyway ppl do take care of Earth
bcoz that's our only home
not like we can move to another place to live if it's beyond the state of living

so stop polluting
only use what u need
a little goes a long long long way~~~~~~
do your every bit yea :)))))))))
and of coz educate our next generation
*I believe education in this case is so damn important...gosh wat does the government teach our kids these day?????*
**throw more babies in the dumpster????**
and to end this post....
the ever popular Swiss Cheese fondue
believe me the alcohol content in it was HIGH
originated fr Neuchatel - the home of watchmaking *Read bout Monkey attending watchmaking school here*

it's a mixture of cheeses and kirsch
usually eaten with bread only
so kind of like communal dish in Switzerland

but it's pretty a heavy dish
the pot and the after effect of the dish itself...kekekekee

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