Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Year countdown

it was 11.10pm and we walked down the terrace towards Wanchai's ferry terminal
looking like the above :P kekekekekeke
yep we were so in partay mood
and mind u, it's difficult to get JS out to partay *he's a partay pooper*
yes coz I drugged him with burgundy :P
when we reached the other side at TST
it seems that the whole HK has came out for the fireworks
chilling in the cold winter.

"excuse me ar...wat time u started camping out here?"
"7 pm"

ohhhh anyway thick-skinned us went and hijacked the best-est spot
and la-la-la-la with another bunch of eurasian tourist and pretended like nothing happened
despite the hongkies -_- x 100000000
still waiting
and there were so many of them bringing their own tripods
all I could see were SEAS of TRIPODS lining up at the square

"wahhh camera industry in HK so intense ar?"
then 60 seconds down the road....the crowd were cheering and counting down in
errrr CANTONESE!!!!!
me and JS were yelling in Manglish :P
it was a good 15 minutes fireworks
later party pooper n Monkey headed back to hotel
it was a tiring one coz it was the same day we touched down HK


js said...

i do look quite stoned........what do u expect after that 1 bottle of clos de la roche domaine dujac :)

CHER-RY said...

JS: heheheheh but adorable :D