Monday, May 31, 2010

Balenciaga The Sunday Bag, Spring Summer 2010

The Sunday bag by Balenciaga
ohhhh so adorable :))))))))))))))
made fr totally lamb leather
*eemmbeeekkkk beeeeeekkkk*
it comes with an attached mirror encased with its beautiful leather
so totally totally BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
the black one looked so ordinary and boring
guess I'm over with BLACK bags
so Monkey chose the CYCLADE
yes I know u'll wanna say that it's BLUE
but the name of this hue is CYCLADE
pronounce after me CYC-lade
*but this pic did no justice to the bag!!!*
Balenciaga has got so many colors.....made me go O_O
and they were all soooo PRETTY
since Monkey dun have a blue bag
and here we go!!!!!
after the poisonous visit, heheheheh say hello to her

and she already got a name
Ms. AVATAR!!!!
my very first BALENCIAGA~~~~~
*sayang sayang*

the leather smell was simply addictive
it's on my desk today and been sniffing on it
*sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff*
yes I 2010 resolution.......has already gone down the drain on 1st January 2010 when Monkey acquired Chanel Cocoon in HK

the above was a pic of some Balenciaga fanatic who aspired to collect all the colors

Jan - Chanel Cocoon
Feb - Monkey was too busy with CNY and KK trip to do bag shopping
Mar - Miu Miu sling bag
Apr - Miu Miu coffer
May - Balenciaga tote
I need to attend theraphy to kill this bag addiction
more like leather smell addiction

I seriously need H.E.L.P
*clutching Ms Avatar to console herself*


neil said...

It's gonna be a new month tomorrow! Can start looking out for a NEW BAG to buy for June! :P

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: adoi...teruknya engkau...menggalakkan saya membeli beg saje :((((