Thursday, May 13, 2010

Langkawi Cable Car

Cable cars are definitely not Monkey's cuppa tea/coffee
coz I am terribly afraid of heights...
wat's more with this Longest Single Span Single Rope Cable Car at 919.5m
that translates to almost a kilometre!!!

it is the World's Steepest Cable car at 42 degrees..
errrrrr I dun care if u are the longest, biggest, sharpest, prettiest, tallest
my question is are u SAFE?????
coz the team made it a point to ride this major attraction in Langkawi
Monkey had to follow suit....with trembling hands and jelly legs
at the beginning it was a slow comfortable HOT ride...
okie lar...not too bad....
and we were heading towards the highest mountain in the whole of Langkawi
errrrr did u just say highest????????
later...we could see the sea..
unconsciously I was holding tight to Mommy Jacky and Baby Wei
think their arms got bruises from my tight grip
smile for the camera....just one shot!!! come on smile!!!!!
there's a reason why I sat in the middle with my back facing the best-est view
I couldn't breathe I felt claustrophobic and wished we didn't come here at all
Chris da Boss was not helping either swinging the tiny cable car and singing as loud as he could
Chris da Boss: "La la la la la la la la la~~~~~~~"
OMG still very very long way to go....this was the view after we past the 1st
pls be QUICK!!!!!
in between the mutters of GAWD and OMG and more mutters
I have time to catch a few glimpses of the beautiful view
"WOWOOOOWWW look at cantik!!!! Baby Wei faster snap pic!!!! OMGGG so scarrrry when are we gonna reach?"

I bet my team were -_-" throughout the journey coz I was mumbling to myself
entertaining myself to distract my fear
talking to myself
while continuing to crush both my seat mates arms and hands
at the 2nd station, we could see the Curved Hanging Bridge
"We gonna go there later???"
Everyone: "Yes Monkey"

the final and 3rd station with two double storey circular viewing deck
every evening, u'll get a spectacular sunset here
after alighting the tiny cable car...
I had to wait a few minutes for blood to return back to my legs to walk again
and then we scaled down the paved road to the hanging curved bridge
on the way we could see the blue Andaman Sea
ok we've been here already can we go now????
"Monkey we must cross over and check the view on the other side"
OMGGGG how the heck am I gonna survive this!!!!!
the wind was blowing ferociously, I had to hold on to my hat all the time....
Monkey was so tiny...the wind can almost blow her away~~~~~

so long!!!!!!
and I clinged onto Mommy Jacky like a Koala bear
dragged my feet and moved like a statue across
"U must conquer your fears!!!!!"
ok ok ok I can do this!!!!
Can I just close my eyes and walk???
everyone -_- NO!!!!

I kept looking back to see how far we were....
coz once we were too far out....dun think there's a point of return!!!!

however I must say, the view was awesome and SPECTACULAR
really really worth all my fears
*maybe I should wear pampers here next time...almost pissed!!!!*
the ladies insisted we snap a pic right in the middle of the curved bridge
over the Andaman Sea
see my right hands were glued to Mommy Jacky's arm since we stepped INTO the cable car at the bottom of the Mountain
I was her siamese twin

I didn't know how I survived this
really high blood pressure man!!!!

However I highly recommend this place...
must go!!!!

Langkawi Cable Car & Langkawi Curved Hanging Bridge
Oriental Village, Burau Bay,
Langkawi, Kedah.
Tel: 604 959 4225


Tsu Lin + + said...

no thanks.

CHER-RY said...

TL: u are afraid of heights too?

Tsu Lin + + said...

Yes. Last time went to Wales & visited the Worm's Head, Rhossili or something like tht which is basically a very scenic cliff, my cheeky husband asks me to go sit near the edge of the cliff to take photos. I had to crawl back to the centre & my legs turned jelly & my heart thumped so fast & almost fainted.

js said...

conquer your fear factor :)

CHER-RY said...

TL: OMG u r worse than me :P YEAAAAHHHH I found someone worse than me :D *teruklar me*