Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I had a first taste of Canasuc sugar during JS's recent birthday at Les Amis Singapore
*the No.1 restaurant in Singapore*

they were so pretty in different shapes available in white, brown and dark brown sugar :D
at Les Amis we were served "heart" and "coffee bean" shape
I fell in lurve with it.....

a week later after the first encounter, Monkey was doing household shopping in Switzerland
admiring all their beautiful cookwares, utensils, COFFEE MACHINES, La Guiole knives,
all the different variety of Nespresso coffee pods
*oh yea Nespresso coffee pods are made in Switzerland*
**and due to the variety, there so many dunno which to choose, I didn't buy any back**
***more like my bag no space coz got to carry press releases home***

Suddenly......right smack in the middle of all these coffee frenzy I saw Canasuc SUGAR!!!!
the stackable sugar
I bought the heart shape one which u can lip it over on your coffee cup :)))
then there's the puzzle ones...
Monkey bought a really really pretty one.....wings of fairies!!!!!!
I couldn't find any pics on the website and too sayang to open my pack to snap pic yet :P

Canasuc also offers colored sugar for EASTER!!!
OMG so cute...everything i want!!!
then after conversion it cost about RM 100 for a small pack of sugar

Mommy Jacky who was with me almost fainted
heeeeeeeeeeee so pretty!!!! must buy!!!!!!

is fr France and only available at certain gourmet outlets
dunno where else can u get far no retailers yet in Asia.
psstttt anyone going to France or any EU countries???
can help me to buy Canasuc??????
heeeeeeeeeeeeeee plssssss :D

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