Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Awesome Mini Burgers

was reading Gourmet magazine and it featured trendsetter of the season
mini burgers

yeah it may be quite normal and we all have eaten it at least once in our life
but mini Foie Gras Burger????
sandwiched together with aragula and sweet mango
and deep fried sweet onions

so in one bite u get the heavy fat liver that melts on your tongue
and somehow the fattiness was matched with sweet mango and peppery aragula
very very yummy coz the foie gras was extremely caramalized
yeah all of us were wondering how could something so simple yet tasted so complex!!!!

this creation was none other than Chef Susur Lee who's now based in New York
born in Hong Kong and became a rising chef in Toronto Canada
he's much celebrated esp when Susur's restaurant was voted the Top 50 in the world.

Susur also broke the mark with the highest score in the reality show Top Chef Season 2
currently airing in the States
he's the definition of fusion cuisine before anyone knows how to spell it
think that he's soooo good looking :)))))))))))))))))
yes hensem chef makes really yummy food
maybe I just adore his pony tail :D

We were really lucky to have him cooking for one of JS's birthday dinner
Read more about the posting written by JS *here*


licheng said...

I remember seeing him in Iron Chef (i think against Bobby Flay?), but don't remember seeing him in Top Chef before.

mini burgers - they call it 'sliders' :D

CHER-RY said...

Kindy Chai: sliders??? why??? slide it into ya mouth? kekekekeke

I think his episode not yet..coz they just started airing the 2nd season.