Friday, March 19, 2010

Surprise Galore episode 3. *by JS*

This is the last of episode incase you have too much already :)

Waking up the next morning after a heavy nite of makan and drinking......first thing that X my mind was "haha, no more surprises"............... however that was not to be!

Came dinner time, i was told to get dressed(meaning smart)and be ready to go.

JS : HUH, go where??

Monkey : go dinner lar. don't ask too many question!

Here was go again.........yes, whisked into a taxi and headed to an unknown destination again. This time we had to X over to Sentosa island........and into the Integrated Resorts of Genting! This is indeed something new cos i have never been here before so no worries guys, i won't have a clue on what was going on :) We disembarked at Micheal Hotel.....hmmmm, Micheal who?? dunno leh!!
Then as we walked very quickly pass the big direction signage and there i saw a familiar name......

Yes, guys, now i know....we are going to Susur Lee (pronounce Su seu Lee) restaurant :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Off my mind, He is definitely in the top 3 chef list.
I read a lot about him and there was a documentary of him on AFC. His humble beginnings lies rooted at the Peninsular Hotel Hong Kong where he served his apprenticeship and that was where he developed his culinary skills.
He later migrated to Canada and work as an executive at various restaurants. The turning point of his life came when he wanted to come back to HK since his wife got an assignment in the British colony............but that was not to be and fate struck a lethal blow......she left for HK before Susur and was one of the passengers on board the ill fated Korean Airlines that was shot down by the Russians near the Sakhalin island. In that sense Susur was fated to live in Canada and destined to become one of the top chefs in the world..........his life story is indeed motivating if one believes in one's destiny..........and i do!
Sorry, got carried away with describing the man........Anyway i was so exited going to his restaurant even though i know he won't be there.
On entering the restaurant you will see the kitchen on the right with the funky redish tinted glass.

busy looking kitchen
we were immediately led to the private room where Em, Leanne and doc was waiting for us......and then i thought i saw a man with pony tail talking to Em. I remember Susur had long hair......
It can't be lar.....he travels round the world as he's also the consulting chef for many renown restaurants so no way he will be in S'pore.
Then as we approach, this charismatic man turned around and greeted us.....Hello, I am Susur........

JS : speechless man.......err, err, err, are Susur and you are in town......what a coincident. What an honour to meet you. :))))))))))) Suddenly my mind went blank and i was searching frantically in my brains for all the questions that i had wanted to ask the man himself.....and then reflexes took over.......

JS : can we take photo with you???

Monkey : Aiseh and paiseh tourist!! Thought you said you wanted to "interview" the man if you ever have the opportunity to meet him in person!!

JS : 0_O
thanks Susur for obliging :)

In real life flesh and blood, he looks exactly like how he looked on TV. Even his behavior was exactly like on TV. What a wonderful surprise :) I am still speechless..........took a while to settle down from the excitement. haha.

Then the other guys started arriving........none other than GOE and Zhang Jingna......another surprise!! Jingna is a celebrity photographer in Singapore and a Canon ambassadress it's 2 against 1 tonite in favour of Canon.....clap clap clap!! She is also a gold medalist(including breaking the record) in the air rifle category at the 2005 commonwealth shooting championship and that explains the steady hands when it comes to photography........yeap, sharp shooters make good photographers..... that's only my theory lar!!
Jingna and GOE

Definitely a nite to remember with so many celebrities around :)

The table setting was an image of "Class"

We quickly settled down after all the excitement and as usual Prince C was asking for "mumm mumm" !! haha. Yes, we were all hungry and ready for the evening ahead.

The first dish was this very interesting hors d'oeuvres.
Yes, the bun like thing are actually mini burgers with chicken and foei gras
Sou Tou !! weiiiiiii, this one for elderly folks birthday leh -_-
scallops on momotaro tomatoes
This is a very special soup......with black truffles, etc.
Rice porridge with asparagus and other goodies
The prawns was served with cigar shaped mun tou......just the right amount of chilly heat.
pea shoots with garlic
fish grilled wrapped with ginger, etc
Pork neck.......a very under rated part of the pig. Very nice meat texture
Wagyu beef done in a very Asian way
finish off with desserts
Well,that was a flurry of good stuff that was churned out from the kitchen.
I especially like the soup and the rice soup. The prawns gotta be one of the signature dishes of Susur Lee. Nice flavoring, not too much chilly heat and not too much lemongrass......thats the secret i guess......... moderation!
As usual at every dinner we must pay respect to our wines which deserve a mention.
Tonite's wine was pretty mild compare with lastnites. we had a DP Enotheque 95, another Chambertin Clos de Beze 01, Chambertin Armand Rousseau 88, Chateauneuf du Pape domaine du caillou, corton charlemagne white burg, i said pretty simple and mild....agree or not ??
With one of Singapore's star celebrity photographer and Canon ambassadress around how can we not have a photography session...... after all me need to curi some secrets too :)

a well composed pic of Iching snapped by Jingna

off topic a bit..... anyone seen the movie "The Shutter" ?? Doesn't the next picture remind you of the movie?? :)
GOE, black shirt ok tonite....i won't change the colour of your shirt.... you can come out now :)
Doc, Em and Leanne
monkey and JS
Prince C and Iching
Monkey and the charming Jingna

Well folks we come to the end of the 3 part series. Hope you have enjoyed the pictures and storyline.

A special mention to Em and doc for playing host and collaborating with monkey to surprise me. Txs guys.

P/S BTW Susur Lee wasn't suppose to be in town until later that week. Like i said, destiny is a strange thing.....if you are fated to meet, somehow you will meet by hook or by crook :)


Tsu Lin + + said...

Wow... I'm floored by your birthday suprise #3! Whether by fate or by arrangement that you met Susur, it has made a very good story for your grandkids next time.

js said... thoughts haven't travelled so far leh :)