Wednesday, March 31, 2010

FujiFilm Baby Camera

Baby Wei waited patiently for her "baby" to arrive last month
while Monkey sat sipping on her lychee drink at Kinokuniya
and when it came, a huge smile drew on her face
"I thought polaroid died-ed a few years ago???"
Baby Wei: "This isn't a's a Fujifilm!!!!"

errr pardon my ignorance.....
but instant cameras have came a long way and Polaroid now only manufacture instant digital camera
where u can preview and have the prints at the same time
this one is a true "evidence" machine,
coz no alteration can be made
and instant "evidence" can be produced.....
the colors were not fully developed yet when I snap this pic
need to wait a while more
and the most important part, u r not supposed to flip the instant film to dry it....
just let it dry on its own and it will be fine

for more details, visit

PS: Sweet Devil Rachel told me last nite, I need to blog a bit more faster...coz a lot of postings have been lagging.....sure woman...after I quit my job and u gonna take care of me hor?? :P
PPS: but heck last nite was great with u ladies. Muaks!!!!


Tsu Lin + + said...

Wah! I didn't know got such thing anymore!! COOLNESS! When I heard Polaroid will cease manufacturing all their polaroid films, I was abit upset (although I don't own a Polaroid Camera) - I just thought it's such a novelty.

I want one too!! How much ah??

Wei's said...

It's about RM440 (fuji instax mini 25) if you buy it here in Malaysia.. Here's a link to the website:-