Monday, March 29, 2010


this was JS's birthday cake
yeah I know it's HUGE!!!!!
Chef Lino took 2 hours to change the vintage and bottle number
I should have changed it for him... :P
my bad my bad

the cake was hiding inside the Miele fridge
Monkey showed it to Doc,
Doc showed it to Em and the chain goes on
till Prince C had a peek and thought it was the real thing
and almost hold the "bottle" with his hands T_T
lucky he didn't coz I will chop him off for damaging the cake
guess he had too much to drink.

was as happy as a lil boy
it's only a cake...not the real bottle
I can't afford the real thing :P
the cake was yummy
sponge with crunchy chocolate pralines at the bottom
Chef Stefano Deste
came fr Italy's top pastry family, he's the 5th generation of the Deste family
Chef Stefano also represented Italy at one of the world's pastry competition
before joining the popular Garibaldi Group, he was from Dolce & Gabbana restaurant in Milan.
very beautiful creations huh?
for more visit their website at

PS: thank you to Chef Lino again. I can't wait to visit your new restaurant next month :))))

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