Monday, March 29, 2010

I am Back :-))

Hey peeps,

This monkey is back home in Malaysia,
so more reading materials for u all......

Switzerland has been.....errrr one word...

the day we arrived, it was 4 degrees and I was skipping happily on the street
and the next thing....the weather was creeping higher and faster than the stock market

by the time I left Switzerland,
it was 22 degrees!!!!!!

No sight-seeing this round, coz was for work????
the most important part which I've enjoyed thoroughly was meeting up with the Swiss team
and also the worldwide team
the regional medias, press and buyers

how funny the beautiful ladies at the my concierge tend to pass every single guests who are fr Asia to me.....just bcoz I m multi lingual
could be fr China, Taiwan....well my mandarin can barely survive
Hongkie...well this was not a prob
sometimes Korean....just bcoz I can speak one word....only a word...KAMSAHAMIDA
Japanese....well I can do greetings in japanese :P
Thai....err I can only do 2 phrases in Thai

Indonesian...ahem this I can handle coz I speak a lot of malay. anyway this is under my market & surveillance
Indian...well this is under my care so no complaints
Singapore/Msia are also under my care

well the rest I can't really understand were guests fr: I say assalamualaikum to u?
middle east...I m so gonna kill the person who takes care of this market coz 80% of the middle eastern guests were directed to me and not this person.

Ladies at concierge: "CHERRY!!! I need your help coz they don't speak a word of anglais, sil vous plait??"
"non, non, non......wat makes u think i can speak their language??? GAH!!!!"

well this monkey spoke Italiano to order drinks for her guests bcoz the bartender is italian,
the security cum bouncer at the entrance was also an italian
french to her swiss colleagues
cantonese to her hongkie colleague
super broken can die mandarin to her taiwanese colleague
at the end of the day, I dunno wat am I speaking at all

think I soooo have to attend mandarin classes that's for sure
it's a very important language huh

the other part I enjoyed was meeting the regional medias
it's really weird to catchup at a different place
at an unfamiliar territory 
dining at new places and we dun even know wat to eat looking at its German menu
*oh yes I CANNOT speak a word of German at all!!!! except "JA" which means yes

one thing for sure, we managed Swiss cheese fondue and the excellent German veal sausage


Will post more about my 3rd Baselworld in Switzerland

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