Monday, March 15, 2010

The Big Surprise

JS receiving another sloppy kiss fr Monkey
with erm.....GOE doin a monkey face
and mind u those hands raising up in victory were Doc's
yeah I know....u'll expect GOE to do this but not Doc rite?
well sometimes it's good to let your hair down :D

Last weekend was a surprise trip down to Singapore for Mr. JS
to celebrate his BIG Birthday
*prior to that, he was informed that we'll be heading down to Langkawi for his birthday instead*
**so he packed flip flops, shabby shirts, short pants, tripod to snap sunset pics**

Thank you to all his friends for assisting me & organised this memorable smashing partay!!!

Thank you to Doc & Em & Leanne for coming and being best-dressed of the lot
*this shows the Chooks have coordination*
and thank u so so so so much for organising & hosting the dinner at SUSUR LEE!!!!
it was really an honor to meet the man in person :))))))))))
and most of all to enjoy it with you guys

Hugs & kisses to Si Fu Lawrence & Bagaholic Tracie
for helping me to coordinate everything since 2 mths ago
we can't wait to see Bambina in July!!!!
and your new Jet -Black Jetta :)))))))))

Terima Kasih to GOE & Flatmate Amy
u guys really do know how to select his birthday pressie
Amy I hope u r feeling better now fr the upset tummy

I bet J&J are now enjoying themselves in Phuket
soaking up the sun rays *maybe except James* and having a great time indulging Thai food
Thank u for everything :D

Beloved I Ching & Prince C
thank u for flying down to Singapore for this
such joy to have both of u around :))))

Veeny & Dinos
though both of u couldn't make it at the last minute
it was heart crashing but know that your hearts n thoughts were with us,
hope to see both of u very very soon :)))

and most of all Chef LINO!!!!!!
Grazie cosi tanto!!!
beautiful yummy food u made there :D
pls also say thank you to Chef Stefano Deste for the beautiful cake :))))

Thank u again folks!!!
for the beautiful pressie
all the amazing WINES!!!! *oh my gawd*
your presence, laughter, smiles.

hope u guys had a great time as much as we did


js said...

indeed it was surprises after surprises!!! spending my milestone birthday with you guys was the best thing that could have happened....apart from langkawi ....haha!
somemore got continuation at Susur Lee and get to meet the celebrity chef( i admire his unique style) as he was in town....and celebrity photog Jingna in person :)

js said...

and offcourse last but not least a very big thank you to my beloved monkey for all the effort in the organization and the thought....i will remember this day forever :)

js said...

and also thank you guys for the prezy....the fast EFL 50mm f1.2 lens.....i will do justice with your prezy....haha!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday JS! :)


We need photos! We want photos! :)


CHER-RY said...

Elly: JS will be be patient. The pics are coming soon :D

JS: glad & eppy to know u had fun and enjoyed it :))))

mef said...

G'day JS

Best wishes and a warm happy and blessed birthday !

js said...

Thanks mef.

js said...

Txs will be seeing some of the phots soon :)