Monday, May 24, 2010

Le Cepage, Hong Kong *One Michelin Star*

Le Cepage finally opened after months of delays.....
opened by Les Amis group of Singapore it was indeed an achievement to have a presence out of the island
located at Wing Fung Street in Wanchai...
it gave us memory of Les Amis at Scotts Road with its similar terrain
of uphill narrow street...Le Cepage is also on the left hand side of the riad

Upon arriving at the entrance...its exterior was a twin copy of Les Amis Singapore
it gave us a very very "homely" feeling..
"Are we in Hong Kong :P" asked Monkey cheekily to JS

so both Monkey & JS were there to celebrate the new year eve
an important transition from 2009 to 2010

Off topic:
OKAY I know I'm tad and super late on my posts but according to my lil Anya Hindmarch notebook...this post was supposed to be blogged by Mr. JS -_-"
as usual we made reservation at least a month ahead....
above was the canapes of tuna served on top of wasabi mousse on crispy cones

menu of the nite~~~~
JS was O_O alamak-ing when he saw pigeon on its main course
anyhow Chef Thomas Mayr made him wagyu instead :D
its interior plus cutleries and decos were all twin copies of Les Amis Singapore
with a partay pack for the countdown later :P
Cheers to a wonderful journey in 2009 with ya and more to come in 2010!!!!!
fin de clair oyster with cucumber and balsamic vinegar jelly
the 1st time I had fin de clair was in Southern nothing
can ever be compared to those there :P
chilled alaskan crab with avocado, green apple jelly at the bottom
I hated the caviar coz it's so earthy...never like caviar :P
caviar and truffles are on my least fav list
sashimi *that means raw* Brittany scallop *Brittany is in Northern France*
on top of champagne lime risotto
risotto was good
see the lime peels?
complemented the richness of the creamy Brittany scallop
turbot fish with artichoke and some unfamiliar lentils
the staffs there can't give me its exact name...and wrote to me in chinese instead
*aiseh I no Hongkie I no read chai-nese*
I also found this cute like caterpillar but not caterpillar roots kinda vege :P
crunchy and tasted like erm.....water chestnut?
super eppy face coz my fav of Chef Thomas on its way :P
organic egg with oxtail gelee and shaved truffles
but the best part was the iberico pork loin sausage
topped with crunchy croutons and chives
break the egg....mix the egg + oxtail gelee
JS's wagyu with very good marbling
served on its jus on top of brussel sprouts
heheheh my favourite
we had a personal tour around the restaurant which consisted of 2 floors of dining and 1 roof top terrace
with 2 separate wine cellar dedicated specifically to whites and reds
think we toured for bout 40 minutes :P

Randy See the Sommelier cum Operations Director was not in town when we visited Le Cepage
Le Cepage already earned its first Michelin Star just after 8-9 months opening its door

am sure they are heading for the 2nd one very very soon
with its chic ambience, superb wine list - the best by far in HK
*thanks to its operations in Spore...they bring in wines fr Spore...errr a bit weird rite?*
and a creative menu by Chef Thomas...think they deserve the 2nd star :)

my roasted pigeon with fried leg stuffed with foie gras
waaaah very very rich...I couldn't finish it!!!!
warm Valrhona chocolate espuna with gold leaves
lurve the caramelised cones which melts on my fingers :P
even the petit fours were just like Les Amis
Canales plsssss :)
and their famous homemade chocolates and I'll have my usual
kit kat and black sesame :)))))))
the waiter was surprised we knew wat's on the tray before he could utter a word :P
and hot fr the oven, their famous madelines :)))
very very eggy!!!!
we found that Le Cepage is too much a copy of its sister/mother restaurant
Les Amis in Singapore
well it's standardisation and globalisation but somehow we were expecting more fr Le Cepage
knowing the dining scene in Hong Kong is a step ahead fr Singapore
*well at least both are better than my dearie Malaysia :(*

however their wine cellars received standing ovation fr us
*clap clap clap*
u do need a very deep pocket to dine here as compared to Les Amis
or maybe I should just stop comparing :P

Le Cepage Restaurant
*One Michelin Star*
23 Wing Fung Street,
WanChai Hong Kong.
Tel: +852 2861 3130

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