Friday, January 18, 2008

Goodbye Cilantro

and so I had my very last dinner at Cilantro
right before we flew off to London
it was full throughout its last month.

it will only reopen at The Gardens Residence in April
and minus Chef Takashi Kimura
*takde makna-nye*

Well we'll see in April then.
Generous shavings of truffles -_-

This is so sad....
No, not the truffle bit,
the part where I have no where else to makan in KL.

is there any other fine dining restaurants equivalent to Cilantro in KL??
kindly drop me an email.

I may have to resort to Lafite..
and dun ask me to go to Senses *overrated restaurant*
I'm gonna miss Chef's cooking,
the sommelier,
all the wonderful staffs
and most of all, all the interesting open food not in the menu.
that nite we had a Margaux fr chateau Rausan Segla
it's sweet
21 year old wine....

Sommeliers are very important in any restaurant,
I don't want to bring a good wine which is so rare and special,
and have him/her spoil it physically or emotionally,
like givin comments such as the wine was mass-produced
-_- WTF
or handled the wines poorly and some....can't even decant properly.
wat's more to ask for their wine notes!!!

are they sommeliers or waiters????????
my fav seafood pasta
the cigar room down at the basement.
also serves as the cocktail lounge during events.
yes I am missing Cilantro already,
dunno where to eat anymore.


anyway something else to look forward to tonite,
Lawrence is hosting a dinner tonite at Saint Pierre by Chef Emmanuel Stroobant,
he's the guy in "Chef in Black" on AFC.

why can't Malaysia have good restaurants like Singapore?!?!?!?!?
*look up the sky and pray*


Odin Cards said...

Fine dining is over-rated.

Go for side walk mamak. Still da best :P

neil said...

Or Chinese "tai-chau" with the extremely delicious and high-cholesterol food, chinese tea in a pot and rude waitresses :P

Anonymous said...

Chef Emmanuel Stroobant’s flair for blending classical techniques and flavours with exciting modern twist making for a perfect dining experience.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Sage would open soon in April with Chef Takashi and the sommelier intact! Cilantro re-opens end of 2009.

CHER-RY said...

Interesting! Care to share the details of Sage?