Tuesday, January 15, 2008


As super organized corporate ppl,
we went to London with a super organized schedule,
all restaurants booked.....all theatre tickets bought online earlier,
and triple checked all the opening time of attractions,
train schedule, retail hours etc.

yeah just say we are boring and predictable.
but I like to be organized and in control of my time.
*cept my sleeping time*

However as we are super kiasu as well.....
every corner of London is a must see,
must go, must do, must eat.
Telephone booth, do we still need these around????

at certain time, we broke the rules
and wander to places not listed in the schedule.

"We are so near the place. Let's go"
"It's just around the corner....come on."
"Hai...we are already here....might as well."
Jeng Jeng Jeng
Hi Mr. Bond, I'm Key....
Monkey. :P

Though we were staying 2 minutes away fr Madam Tussauds,
we gave it a miss.
errrr wax figure is just so so so boring,
and I'm not so fanatic bout stars/celebrities.....
*coz I'm such a narcicist*

I like something more.........alive,
hustling and bustling *like markets*,
places of history,
and most of all...if it fills my stomach...that would be a bonus.
+10fph if u know wat I mean?
*hails Fluff Friends at Facebook*
Covent Garden - the theatreland,
so many theatre and play....lucky we've made our mind back in KL.
Otherwise we gonna spend every penny *more like pounds* watching plays.
St Paul's Church right opposite the Covent Garden Market
and by nite it looked like this!!
Poser Poser Poser
Shuddup, I'm trying to perfect the Bond pose.
cept I need a gun.
Nelson's Column at Trafalgar Square
built in memory of the Trafalgar Battle in 1805 - British defeated french + spanish fleet.
*told ya everything here older than my grandma*
right smack at the square is the National Gallery
Look at the fat pigeons behind me.
Most of the tourists come here to feed them.
Monmouth coffee - most famous & awesome coffee in London
recommended by Lawrence.
*when it's coming fr him, it's usually awesome*

only 3 shops in London
- Covent Garden (first shop)
- Borough Market (one of the stalls in the market)
- Borough (opp the market)
Mind u, the queue is long but worth every drop of its superior coffee,
Can u see all the yummy pastries they have?
His double espresso which he had 2 cups

smooth fragrant coffee with very good length,
and my usual latte
Monmouth only serve raw sugar.
There's only enough seats for 14 ppl.......

Most of the customers bought freshly roasted beans and coffee to go.
My butts are huge,
I need to sit.
Croissants made with lards,
I guess that's the reason why our croissants are super uninteresting, less flavour, and most of all...soft and not buttery.

27 Monmouth Street,
Covent Garden,
London WC2H 9EU
Tel: +44 (0)20 7379 3516

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