Monday, January 21, 2008

Saint Pierre by Emmanuel Stroobant

Seong Wan organised a wine dinner last Friday *yaaaaayyy*
theme: TRUFFLES * -_- *
the specially created and designed menu reached my mailbox a few days earlier,
so we pretty much know which main we wanna have.

There's 3 choices of :
- foie gras + truffled pigeon
- lamb + white truffles
- angus beef
our appetizer was some salmon + parma +I-forgot-wat
accompanied by asparagus soup
Look at the truffles!!!

with sea urchin on the side.
Chef Stroobant lurves to paint with squid ink

Consomme of langoustine with root vegetables.
and then the "lukewarm" consomme was poured
I only enjoyed the langoustine head....
cookie container!!!
how creative :)
Tempura of oyster with bonesless pig trotter served with celeriac mash
can u see the huge slice of truffles???
Burgs lining up....
it was a burg nite,
but no blind tasting this round.
Sorbet of spearmint with vodka....
to cleanse our palate...
as fresh as colgate!!!

would be great if served on top of a toothbrush :)
I want Colgate brand as well.
My choice of main
400 days old angus beef with 36 hour poached shank
and confit of oxtail with bone marrow *inside the marrow itself*

the only dish without truffles
it comes with a test tube of beef consomme,
at least it's warmer than the earlier lukewarm consomme of langoustine.
Lawrence had the TRUFFLED pigeon with foie gras
Seong Wan comparing wine notes
hence the serious face
The gents' side of the table
dunno who's who's glasses
and the ladies
Note how arranged and organized our glasses are,
according to order and preference.
my fav: Clos de la Roche 97, Hubert Lignier
Nose: highly aromatic with berries
this was a disappointing one,
highly recommended by one of the Sommelier in Les Amis...

Colour and note behaved like a bordeux
aint' cheap either...SGD 700

somehow we let it breathe for 3 hours before it released out its potential.
we didn't have the capacity to drink this so it was unopened.
a 2000 Gevrey
another fav,
never fail me.
and a very mellow Beaune - 1966
42 years old....
This was listed as my 3rd fav for the nite.
My very first Bonnes Mares
8 bottles..
okie lar 7 after the unopened...
for 5 gents and 4 ladies.

and dessert was.........................................
drum roll please...
Brie with truffles right smack in the middle.
Chef Stroobant was so generous that nite with his truffles.

I no likey cheese as dessert
no likey truffles
no likey truffle oil

it was a pengsan-ing experience
anyway something else put smiles back unto our face...
Chef Stroobant himself.
Monkey, Chef Stroobant, JS
yes very nice to meet you too
our petit four
coffee was good..

catch Chef in Black on Channel AFC
*703 on Astro*

anyway details of restaurant
Saint Pierre
3 Magazine Road, #01-01 Central Mall
Singapore 059570
Tel: +65 6438 0887

and as usual.....the wines cost more than the dinner,
the specially created menu cost about SGD 150 per head.

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