Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Gastropub Food & delis

I-forgot-wat's-the-name PUB at Camden Market
*will blog about it next*
trust me....u won't wanna walk into one for good food.
moreover it's opened early in the morning!!!
U got to be thinking....this PUB has yet to close since last nite.
But I was sooooo hungry and sooo deprived of breakfast
*namely bacon + eggs*

and it's freezing outside.
my english breakfast!!!
GBP 5.90

but it's too early for beer.
this is how Monkey looked like when she's waiting for her food!!!
the "tam chiak" look.
My long awaited Shepherd Pie!!!!
at another Gastropub in Windsor.
I forgot the price.
looked at the creamy perfectly mashed potatoes,
and the juicy meat with beans.

I pushed aside all the cheese on top...
cheese used here can put Pizza Hut to shame.
*I can't remember the last time I went to Pizza Hut*

Shepherd Pie
aaaAAAaaaaa this is wat Comfort Food about.
JS had deep fried scampis with chips
yeah very good food in a PUB full of botak men with huge belly downing pints and pints of beer.
Another place I lurve to go for quick bites
Pret a Manger
currently available in US, UK, HK & Spore.

go to their website here
or this one....

It's an awesome place with great quality food.
esp their bacon, lettuce & tomato sandwich
I had their awesome root soup *forgot to snap pic*

I forgot the price as well.
dun ask me.

Location: everywhere in London
John Lewis is a departmental store...
yeah who will come here to grab a bite huh?
I had a yummy juicy thick slab of steak
actually it's a steak sandwich on toasted sourdough with grilled portobello mushroom
served with seasonal leaves + excellent balsamic vinegar
GBP 8.50
this was the much anticipated hot salt beef sandwich with american mustard sauce
GBP 6.95

The Bistro,
Third Floor, John Lewis,
Oxford Street.

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