Monday, January 14, 2008

Camden & Portobello Market

if you are tad too lazy to learn to read The Tube map,
be prepared to lost yourself in their maze of tunnels
of Piccadilly Line...Bakerloo Line....City Line...Circle Line...Metropolitan Line
currently they have about 11 lines running underground...

Our poor city can't even handle one simple line like
our beloved Putra LRT.
*Ok ok stop complaining about cheap and INefficient public transport*
Portobello Market is quite near Kensington *only part of the market is*
but it's quite small with limited offerings,
or it could be we were too early.
>_< Along the Portobello Road were grocers with fresh produce,
we couldn't buy much...
Nope, we were not lost.
This is the last station in the Hammersmith - City Line
which started operation since 1863
yeah most of the lines as older than my grandmother.
But mind u, they are fast, on time, reliable and of coz CHEAP.
Camden Market at Camden Town
was recommended by Kindy Chai.

It's huge and sells everything that you can find,
from 2nd hand designer apparels to bags, knick knacks, T-shirts,
souvenirs, antiques, furnitures, arts, households...
food food food food
if u think J & Co or Big Apple donuts are a hit in KL...
wait till u see their donuts vendors.
I can sense my teeth are falling down.the steps or watever u call it to the Antique market,
This place used to be a Horse Hospital.

We didn't buy anything at all in any of the above market.
but our stomachs sure had a blasting time!!!!
when we were lazy to eat out...
it's time to get Chef back into the kitchen.
fresh Scottish mussels fr Waitrose - John Lewis.
it's small and fresh,
super fresh!!!
when it's this fresh, u can't help it!!!
hahahahha...we got some for dinner
lemon grass, Thai chilis....
yep...we made steamed mussels - JS's style.
with fresh coriander to go
You can get everything....from Japan to Australia to Thailand
and tamarind from Jawa -_-
at Waitrose.
this awesome oil was fr Marks & Spencer
Life's neva the same without chilis...isn't it?
my fav broccilinis which cost a bomb in Msia.
it's often mistaken as young broccolis...
broccolinis are actually hybrid of Broccolis + chinese kale.
so I got a combo of my a fav veges.
fried them with garlic
sweet nectar tomatoes...
didn't I say NECTAR????
add some salt and it's ready.
Can't live without my usual dosage of alio olio
and steamed mussels was ready with such good aroma,
I bet our neighbours were standing under our window..
wat a bonus....we had soup later on!!!
fresh mussels released all its juicy juice when steamed.
Thanks Chef!!!
can't ask for more
for home cooked "food local style" in far far away London.


licheng said... did see the donuts in Camden..i remember that last time. definitely teeth felt like rotting (though I did not eat any..haha)

home cooked meal all the way in london..yummy yum yum!

CHER-RY said...

Yes, when u r far away fr home, u'll tend to crave for local dishes. Heehee.