Thursday, January 24, 2008

Dinner at Tracie + Mr. Yeow

Whenever dining at their place,
make sure:
1) your stomach is empty
2) stomach is empty
3) stomach has lotsa space
4) stomach is empty
5) stomach can accommodate a lot of food
6) empty stomach
7) watever you do, just make sure your stomach is empty!!!!
Emily and Doc carving the goose
MC bought it fr a swiss butchery.

By the time I managed to snap a pic,
they were 20% work in progress.
Conclusion: doctors are very good with knives. Don't play-play ya!
my fav dish for the nite - milk prawn infused with lotsa lotsa chilis + curry leaves + curry powder + good butter.
*french butter don't burn*

yeap I sapu the last bits with lotsa fragrant steamed thai rice.
Guest chef JS is alwiz this serious when it comes to cooking!!

I only looked like this when I'm zzzZZZzzz
Yes....sleeping is a serious issue kay!!!!
JS's championship pasta
it wasn't enuff for guests who arrived late,
hence he did an encore for them.
Peranakan dish - chicken + pork pongteh
I only hunt for the ribs.
steamed chicken with chinese sausages + herbs was a poultry galore that nite (goose, chicken and more chicken)
bet JS was crying.
steamed mussels with lemon grass + chilies *wat else!!!*
otoro from Isetan at Shaw Centre.

No more otoro, toro, chitoro watever-toro for me.
and no more japanese more no more no more.
this was the aftermath of Lawrence's fish soup.
I opened the lid and saw chilies swimming on top.
and officiated the consumption of it coz nobody *apart fr Seong Wan*
dare to scoop anything out of the pot. wasn't spicy but sweet.
Tracie bought a yummycreamyscrumpylicious durian cake
Lawrence taught us...
not to waste time and push/throw the sponge away.
Just focus on the durian cream.

Oh it was good,
though I'm not a durian person.
Burgs for the nite...
Pertuisots 1986
Clos de Lambrays fr MSD
MSD - Morey St Dennis
my new fav burg
another MSD fr Chambolle Musigny

I like its distinctive mineral nose
sometimes it can smell like beautiful blood :P
*vampire in the making*

and its salty palate.
Goes so well with any red meat.
gimme more!!!
Japanese strawberries!!!
You can get at Isetan.
I can't remember the price in SGD

at Isetan KL,
RM 42 for 12 pieces.
yes eat with care.
JS *Mr. Lim* & Lawrence *Mr. Yeow*

Thank you for:
doin the prep
and all the beautiful wines

sooner or later,
I'll need to do a listing for Mr. Yeow here

address and tel number pls!!!!!
*if u need a website, I can build for u*


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