Friday, January 25, 2008

Kushigin Jap Restaurant

I was so envious while watching TV Host foodie
Tan Kheng Hua aka Margaret *Phua Chu Beng's wife*
chomping down juicy yakitori in AFC - Food Chain

"We must go to this place soon!!!!"

and so Lawrence gave us direction via text msg,
we walked about 8 mins...still can't find the place.
this is what happen when u only visit Takashimaya and Paragon only.

yes Orchard Road is all about Taka & Paragon & Borders.
*somebody pls broaden my horizon*
AsparaMaki SGD 3.00
*Bacon + asparagus*

all the yakitoris were not marinated nor flavoured
like those usual sticky sweet commercial ones...

this is to retain its natural juiciness of the meat with the combo of vegetables.
and of coz only sea salt are used for seasoning.
this one.....kenot miss!!!!
Tebasaki SGD 2.80
*grilled chicken wing*

crispy can die on the outside
juicy, sweet and yummylicious on the inside.
can u see the skin got stuck together after it was grilled???

it was so good, I had 2 sticks on my own.
yeah coz someone dun eat feathery 2 legged thingy.
actually I can just sit there one whole afternoon and have only Tebasaki,
nothing else but Tebasaki.
to substitute the loss of chicken wings, we need to give him something else to munch on.
japanese garlic fried rice SGD 6.00
it was not that great.
garlic pork SGD 2.60 *prices are all quoted per stick*
this one is awesome....
it's like opening xmas pressie.

u'll get a piece of pork, then its lard, then japanese garlic, and lastly japanese leeks.
and then it starts all over again....pork, lard, garlic, leeks.
I was amazed at the taste of jap garlic...not pungent nor bitter at all.
infact after it's being's SWEET!!!!
Japanese leeks = Negi SGD 2.30
so good I had to have sumore.
shiitake SGD 2.30
it looks dry...but once u bite into it...
the juices inside explode in your mouth.
Nasu SGD 1.80
japanese baby eggplant served with grated ginger on top.
very good :)
Kaki Bacon Maki SGD 6.50
kaki = oyster
bacon = bacon lor.....hai.
maki = roll

I only like my oysters raw and fresh,
so the above was for JS,
served with grated daikon.

We wished we can eat more,
but the above was for......brunch.
moreover saving the space in our tummy to dine at Lawrence's & Tracie's
*Now u know why rite? It's not dinner at their place, it's a FEAST*

there are over 60 types of yakitoris here,
from chicken skin to chicken ass/butt watever u call it.
wagyu, lamb, pork, cod fish, prawns, scallops...
and anything else that can be put on a stick.

someone told me there's another yakitori outlet in the same building,
on a higher floor....but Kushigin is the pioneer in Singapore.
If u wanna makan good food, alwiz go to the best.

Kushigin Japanese Restaurant
5 Koek Road, #01-01/02 Cuppage Plaza,
Singapore 228790.
Tel: +65 6238 6860

PS: if u r not into yakitori, this place is not for u...coz they serve nothing else but yakitori.
PPS: as for me....after the yakitori meal, I went to Taka and grab a yummy custard Dorayaki *Doraemon's fav dessert, and mine as well*

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