Thursday, August 10, 2006

So Sick and yet so happy :)

I woke up looking like a dead fish... It's a viral infection!!!
running nose, sorethroat, cough, mild fever.
I've got the whole complete package...u name it

"YOU stay at home today"
"I'm going out later....."
".........*silence*.........HMPH..........*gave me a peck & sulked to work*......."
well gf/bf rules nagging.....hehehe

Meet my best friend :) YM
She's the sweetest person I've ever known...
Looking at her will make all troubles go away,
and that's what happened most of the time,
sitting beside her though no words were exchanged,
yet it felt so right that I don't want the moment to pass.

We met in primary 5 but only became best friends while in secondary 1.
Our story is a case of yin-yang..
YM is a very sweet, quiet, elegant, extremely kind, poised, well mannered gal,
while this monkey....tsk tsk..
is just like a monkey...*faints*

I like the way she speaks,
at a pace where she articulates her speech,
a thinking person where she'll choose her words before speaking out,
a very thoughtful person and super duper extremely kind and outta this world...*seriously*

She was always there for me...*and still there for me*
never fail nor dissappoint me *though I did...bad monkey*
through all my bitchings, rantings, whinings and me throwing tantrums...
and yet she can give me her sweetest smiles and everything will just go away...*melts*

Where in the world can I get someone as special as YM?
So how did we end up being a pair of chopsticks?
Hehehe...I think it takes 2 to tango....
2 to make it happen & maintain what we've built :)

Later in the evening....
I met Jasmel and we missed each other so much...and he looked smashing...
Jasmel is in the beauty & fragrances industry for almost a decade ...but he's totally straight...hehehe
He was my ex- supplier and a very nice friend...
*sorry no pics...too smashing till i forgot*

"cherry, you and FJ still make the best team in xxxx"
"..haha..really? wow...thank you..hehehehehehehe"
"The whole xxxx team just came crumbling down after you left...bla bla bla bla..."

So it was spent bitching about "what-happened-after-cherry-left"
erm...a bit too sensitive to blog about it here...for it may jeopardise the career of so many ppl...kekeke

It's good to know that you did the best job in the 11 years of existence of a certain listed company.

Later off to meet miss pretty Lu Ai for dinner...she was my roomie during my final year.
Guys find her alluring and simply irresistible for she's:
smart...super smart 1st class honours student,
ass kicking basketball player..*wei dun play play for she represented NS before*
caring & a family oriented person,
super nice person to be with,
very pretty, tall, pleasant and her million dollar smiles...

She was regarded as too perfect and too good to be true by the male you can imagine the beelines to be her eligible bf....muahahahha...

Sorry guys, she's no longer single..hehehe...If I have a chance to meet Calvin, I'll tell him that he's the luckiest man around...damn lucky. Am sure many others are so envious of you.
well...since I won't be able to see him anytime Calvin just got a really great high-flying career......I'll just say it to this pic then....
"hey Calvin, you are a lucky man and do take care of Lu Ai."
..otherwise..hmph..well nothing much that I can do to you as Lu Ai herself will get to you first...nyek nyek nyek..

Hope you'll have a great weekend Lu Ai!!! :)....I know u will :) hehehe

So this monkey went home feeling great for these 3 person made her day better though she was a sick puppy...thank you so much people for the company!!

and came back home to one person still sulking with 2 packets of chinese herbal drink...hehehe
thank you baby :) chan rak ter

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neil said...

Poor BeeRee! Get well soon!