Thursday, August 17, 2006


hehehe....and yes...I shall not state here how many candles u'll be blowing off tonite..
coz I wanna prolong your age mar...kekeke
Yes I didn't forget...your big day isn't until tomorrow...
but monkey is flying off tomorrow morning...and..*sob*
big hustling bustling city of 12 million population Bangkok doesn't have 3G connections!!

18th August is a celebration,
although monkey is far away,
a sweet kiss and a big hug,
on this very special day.

Bring the tulips & champagne,
and toast to the lady,
a lady of strength, knowledge,
of great passion and kindness.

Never judging, always knowing,
with countless smiles,
who's always there selflessly,
and most of all who always cares.

I'm sending birthday smiles,
from across the miles,
tied with lace & ribbons,
and special birthday smiles.

Also hugs & kisses,
joy beyond compare,
happiness & laughter,
fond memories to share.

Wishing you warm sunshine,
each day when you awake,
peace within & harmony,
with every step you take.

I wish you many many more,
Hopefully each one is better,
than all those birthdays before.

May life bestow you,
with beautiful experiences,
each new day as you follow,
your dreams with happiness...

sorry no birthday cakes!!!! we had banana, vanilla & strawberry ice cream.

my best friend, YM!!!
YM gave me this cute cuddly monkey!!! and we shall name him monkie jr!!
go to sleep now,
close your eyes,
try to think of tomorrow......
all of us,
wish u goodnite,
so i'm switching off the lights.....

one more hug,
one more smile,
kiss u once,
kiss u twice.

I'll be here,
for the nite,
go to sleep now and close your eyes...


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