Friday, August 25, 2006

Bangkok Day 4

Time to say goodbye to the City of Life.
Our flight to KUL scheduled at 12.00 noon (Thai time = minus 1 hr).
To avoid the massive infamous Bangkok traffic jam, we head out fr the city at 8.45am.
The limo driver sped all the way and it took us only 20 minutes to the airport!!!!
So it was freaking early.......-_-
Again, JS got us the 1st seats....
After we checked in, we realised our flight has been delayed to 12.50pm.
This is not looking good coz we had too much time to kill in the airport!!!

So headed to Silom Village for a scrumptious breakfast
their noodle (very thin kuey teow liked) is really al-dente, similar to linguine.
famous fried roasted pork with kale

More shopping in duty free and we bought tonnes of Jim Thompson's like 50% off without discount compared to the boutique in StarHill.
More variety in the end we have more things to carry coz JS got us a really nice silk duvet for home.

"UCP said, with this on the sofa/bed, dunnit woman already.....*continue stroking the duvet against his cheek*"
"Sure, get one then and have fun with it...I'll find my own man"
"Baby....that's not what I meant....*whine whine whine*......."

It's really damn soft-fluff-until-can-die.

Later... parked ourselves at Silk Air Lounge and another announcement....
MAS flight to be rescheduled to 1.50 pm...WTF!!!!!
Somebody kill me please....

After some time hanging out at the lounge....
for the 2nd farking time, the flight was delayed AGAIN to 2.10pm...*urgh*
so we head to Silk Restaurant.....
There's this typical mis-en-place anywhere you go....a combo of 4 flavours...sweet, sour, spicy and salty.
tonnes of tongue numbing chilies in fantastic fish sauce....thais don't take soy sauce...very seldom.
sweet thai basil with porky and capsicum
green Thai chicken curry
me looking blur after doozing off at the lounge...
JS busy working on his mobile while monkey it's MONDAY!!!!

at 1.50 pm (due to take off at 2.10pm), we saw our plane touched down and taxi-ing at the runway to our gate....-_-" *sweat man*

all in all, the crew took another 45 minutes to clear the plane..bla bla bla...
everyone were so pissed and I can see there's a silent protest goin around in the cabin.

"Which meal for you sir?" *to a passenger*
" meal."

"Hello sir, which meal for you ?" *to JS*
"NO MEALS....*pointing to his Zenith*....odd time for meals."

in the end, no one had anything except for the welcoming pink guava. Well we save them tonnes of work.

we touched down at KLIA around 6pm......
one whole freaking day gone!!

thanks to MAS...
thank you for providing such fantastique service so that I can spend more $$$$ while killing my time.
thank you for your first class onboard service...which is sooo unprofessional.
thank you for making me paying 1st class price for 3rd class service.
If I have choice, I'll fly other airlines...

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