Tuesday, August 08, 2006

of Gaynism and Machonism

I've checked thesaurus.
Those two words are not in there so I can't define them for you.

What would you do, if your boyfriend looked gayish?
like this?
I can't help it when metrosexual men, homos, gays start flirting with u..
and to make matter worst, you became more defiant, bold and macho to stop the unwanted attention.
don't you know?
those traits in you attracted them even more..
why-lar like this?
*slapping my forehead*

Remember the 3 seconds rule?
if member of the opposite sex gives you an "interesting" stare that long..
*yes 3 seconds is long enough*
it shows that you've got their attention.

scene 1
both of us trottling down the street, hand in hand...
from the opposite direction, a very good looking gentleman gave u a glance..
and within a split second another glance at you..
hmm...this monkey gave him the slit eyes look.... >:(
he is still staring.....damn it..
we passed each other...and me knowing the 3 seconds rule...turned back to see..
that guy turned back too and checked your rear...
me nonchalantly...."That gay just checked you out"
"What? No...he was checking YOU out!!
>:( ...really tak boleh tahan

scene 2
in a nice boutique..
monkey wanna buy some leather goods
you were not interested and tagged along to browse with me...
somehow this damn boutique assistant DID NOT assist me but kept tailing you around the shop and SERVED you....!!!!
*even knowing that you won't buy anything* pfffttttt

scene 3
at a beautiful apothecary..
the pretty boy sales assistant dared to ask!!
"Is your friend straight?"
"YES.....*gritting my teeth* he's veeerrrryyy straight"

scene 4
in a romantic posh restaurant.....
2 beautiful men were dating
*one of them is our very own msian celebrity*
never stop glancing at you in between the candles....both of them... >:(
*macam I'm invisible*
eventhough you walked to the gents, their eyes followed your directions.
*wei...am I invisible or what?*

I tell you!!
so many scenes until I can compiled them to a whole series of documentary on why did you attract so much attention from your own species!!
He did not agree with me....and gave me this look
I have to fend away those beautiful ladies from you,
and now..
pretty boys, beautiful men....
I'm so tired.

Bottomline...I'm posessive..but so were YOU...hehehhehehe.
We are equal....1-1

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