Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy Birthday Malaysia

I've been to so many places,
no matter how shitty, sucky, poor, 3rd world Malaysia is..
I am still proud to be a Malaysian....
so cheers to Malaysia....*hic*
*another exuse to pop a bubbly...hic*

after more than one month.. from design to completion,
my sideboard is ready to be installed together with both the Liebherr wine chillers...
Did not expect it to be so long...about 11 feet plus plus...
so the poor boys had to carry it all the way up... 14th floor via the staircase.
Can't see the wine chilles right? That's the idea....very well integrated.
Later at nite, had a late dinner around 9 pm at Cilantros.
It's a superb Italian restaurant.
A bit let down coz my favourite starter no longer in their menu....
pan seared unagi with foe grais!!!
so I have a better home chef will learn to make it for me then.
I had something waaaayyy to rich for my heart.....
squid ink pasta with sea urchin.
angel's hair with uni and seaweed.
wagyu cheek with mushrooms.
Sorry folks..only remembered to get some pics after satisfying my stomach.
this is new on the menu...baked apples dunno-wat with earl grey ice cream...
I was too intoxicated by then to know what they served.
Met a new sommerlier there and he was previously from Les Amies..
What a small world!!
He just came back from Burgundy and shared some notes on the wine we brought...
We brought:
CLOS DE LA ROCH fr Domaine Armand Rousseau.
It was a good year in Burgundy...1996.

Sommelier's comment:
mineral, salt and lasting on the palate bla bla bla bla *I can't digest coz too intoxicated*...very very good. Excellent...*continue sipping*
*JS was soooo generous to let him have a glass*

Monkey's thought:
very easy to drink, fruity on the nose and I prefer the nose than the palate....*but i guessed the year wrongly...shart*

JS's note:
.......*no comment coz sooo fascinated by his own wine*....CEH!

As at this stage, this is the most expensive wine I've tasted...I can buy another Dior bag...*choke*

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