Thursday, February 20, 2014

Touch N Go trip to Singapore

It was Valentine's Day and most importantly it was Chap Goh Mei which marks the end of 15 days long Chinese New Year Celebration!!! Sob sob sob the last day I could receive ang pow for the year. :P

Anyway the ladies over in this gang alwiz prefer a different kind of Rose when it comes to V-Day instead of the petaled ones. But petaled ones are alwiz welcomed they said. The men went WAHHHHH.

It was a short 3 days trip just for Food and Wines and Champagnes but most of all the company of great friends in Singapore. :))) And we ate and drank non-stop for 3 freaking days.

JS insisted to bring all the hobbits along and all they did were sat happily in the hotel. The hotel maid arranged them this way.

There's so many coffee place popping up everywhere in Singapore and Malaysia as well. This new coffee place located inside the beautiful heritage Duxton Hotel was just opened last week. It was good to have a break from all the food....and chaos and hectic Orchard Road. Just to be able to sit here, do nothing on its plush leather sofa reading some nice books.

On Saturday evening, we had a suicide dinner of Chilis....
There's Naga Jolokias *world hottest chili*, then there's som floral ones from Indonesia, some from Ipoh and Bird Eye chili from Sabah. In the end the spiciest were the green one from Ipoh and the bottle of Sabah Chili sauce.

J&J Jelina made sous-vide japanese eggs...not just any eggs but the very best ones from Japan. She called them Onsen Eggs :))))

After an hour inside the hot bath, cracked the egg and dropped it down into warm fluffy japanese rice...some soyu and Crispy Beef Fat, Finely chopped chives....then a certain Si Fu said he needed to add something looked disgusting, almost like vomit.....can u see it?

which he procured from Phillipine. Wat in the world is tat??? but it's so the end it went into almost every dish that evening. GAG!!! cholesterol!!!!

Yummmsss!!!! comfort food at the comfort of a home, with no dresscode no corkage...drink all u want. When u are mabuk...just pass out at the couch. This is why we prefer to dine at home esp when we have so many great chefs among friends. But most of all great wines...and Awesome company :))

Till the next trip M People. Thank you so much for your time, wines, champagnes and laughters..I had so much of fun :))

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