Thursday, February 06, 2014

Singapore Airlines Fukuoka - Singapore

Menu prepared by the legendary Chef Yoshihiro Murata????
WAT?????? on Singapore Airlines???
This is a bit too much >.<
Now I am gonna fly with SIA more frequently, with the selection of menu, wines and champagnes available onboard.

in fact we hardly fly with SIA because this will mean we had to transit in Changi Airport for 1.5 hours instead of a direct flight. But MAS has been canceling routes around the world to cut losses. A few years ago they still fly to Sao Paolo, Rome, Zurich, even LA is gonna be gone soon. So as frequent flyer this really pushes me to choose other airlines, not that I wanted to!!! I have got no choice!!!

to further cut losses, MAS has been serving really crap food onboard. I am not expecting something of SIA standard with a 3 Michelin Starred tailored menu exclusively onboard.....but for dinner, I've received PIES and PASTRIES....haha luff all you want...I was served PIES and PASTRIES in BUSINESS CLASS in MAS for DINNER. This is really sad. I rather they just gimme the damn rice and some poorly prepared chicken to feed my stomach.

Okie no more rantings on MAS, let's focus on Singapore Airlines now :))))

Beef and chicken satays. So where is the origin of Satays?
Nope, Not Malaysia....Not Singapore *hey u've claimed too many things are yours already, enuff* and definitely not Thailand....
it's Java, Indonesia.

with globalisation, the world has become smaller...satays are now served everywhere around the world :))))))))

 JS received his humongous Bento of appetizer.....

so, here u have udon with garnishes, and the sauce served separately with dried seaweed all vacuum packed neatly, Freshly and really green vegetables with yuzu zest, some marinated mushrooms served with mackerel and finally omelette with chrysanthemum.

I had the other menu of Japanese Crab legs served on a bed of apple salad. Really sweet and refreshing, indeed very well seasoned. Don't need additional salt nor pepper

My main course of japanese fluffy hikari rice...with 3 generous pieces of juicy and moist pork tonkatsu, topped with thinly sliced japanese leeks. I was like PORK!!!!
PORK on BOARD!!!!!!

oink oink oink

it was crispy on the outside, moisty and juicy on the inside.  How do you even keep food crispy and moist like this onboard? There must be a trick.
JS's next bento was a main course
There's like so much food!!!!!
his soup was served much later due to turbulence.

Happy boy was so eppy bcpz there's his favourite charcoal grilled japanese green pepper and a very very local food of Kumamoto - miso stuffed lotus root. It's definitely yummy. Will blog bout this really weird but tasty delicacy of Kumamoto soon.

After the scrumptious lunch, JS gave up and refused desserts.
I had a really yummy simple dessert of vanilla cream with biscotti. Followed by fragrant coffee. There was also cakes and ice creams and other things. Can't remember bcoz by then it's already food coma. Not so much from airlines meal...but during our stay in Kyushu :P

Next month I'll be flying Qatar, amid the controversy. I had no choice!! flights were all fully booked even on Business Class unless I do First Class *gulped*

Let's see how good/bad is Qatar ok? :)))
For more details on meals served in Singapore Airlines, visit:

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