Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hotpot on a really hawt day

How was your Chinese New Year? Guess everyone has been binging non-stop a month wayyyy before the celebration isn't it? I had so much of food I swear I am not gonna eat for a month. With all the rich oily sweet food...we decided to have a really simple and hopefully vege based hotpot.

Monkey brought some vege and beef for those who can't live without meat...hahahahaha. So as usual everyone coordinated to bring something so we don't end up with the same thing.

Mommy Connie brought these really huge and fresh clams. One huge tub and all were gone....coz they were so fat and juicy.

Rol Rol just shifted to her new home...her 2nd new home after the 1st and we were all so excited to visit and mess around :P

Mommy Connie oso brought cleaned, washed and freshly prepared romaine lettuce. These days we don't prepare stuffs at the host's home bcoz all of us can't work together in the same kitchen. hehehehe.

Ass Kickin Vonne oso brought fuchow fishball with really juicy fish paste but we forgot to snap pic coz all busy eating by then. Hungry us!!!

Yours truly oso brought chinese long cabbage. So u can see we are just piling on fibers...no more MEAT!!!! White flags all over hehehehehe.

As the adults were busy preparing the dining table, serving dishes after dishes of greens.....the kids were already done and having their FEAST!!!!

WOW there's a lot of FOOD there for 4 toddlers!!!

Su San brought desserts of miniature cheese tarts. These proved to be very popular among the kiddos.
And even cuter Jelly!!!!! There's ELEPHANT!!!!! Soon the adults were fighting with kids over desserts -_-"

Then the host Rol Rol proudly rolled out her huge box of ice creams

"I know u lurve us but u don't have to buy so many types of ice creams for us to choose right? This is a buffet spread man."
Rol Rol: "Oh I forgot to update, I m now working for an Ice Creams manufacturer."

Wow that's such a wonderful job, to be around ice creams all the time. :)))))

Su San, Mommy Connie, Monkey, Rol Rol and Ass Kickin Vonne
Missing out were Chan Lu who's now based in HK and Kindy Chai in San Diego. Think we had a 5 hours luncheon....hahahaha. It's good to be laid back like this, doin nothing but stuffing food into face. Oh that reminds me to stop eating for a month now. :P

Have a Happy Week folks. :))))


Damian said...

Hi Cherry,
Is it possible for you to share JS's recipe for the beef pie and also the capellini pasta?

js said...

Hye Damian. Please provide your e mail address. Txs. JS.

CHER-RY said...

Hello Damian, :)) thanks for dropping by. Just furnish JS with ur email address and he'll send it to you :)) Happy cooking there!!

damian chan said...

Thanks so much Cherry/JS! Will send you guys pics!
my email: damianchan80@gmail.com

CHER-RY said...

Good morning Damian,

Thank you for your email add. :)) Mr. JS pls revert with recipes for beef pie and razor clam capellini pasta. Damian u def have got the palate bcoz these 2 are my personal all time favourites :))

licheng said...

Miss you guys!

CHER-RY said...

Likewise Kindy Chai!!!