Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Housewarming @ Ben & BCBG Amy

Swaying autumn bamboos painting at the landing area of their home. We did not get invited for this housewarming....all of us just kinda planned this ahead and "Created" a housewarming partay. Haha we were gangsta

Host and Hostess must be -_-" at this really "hostile" gang of friends....hahahaha. Poor hostess having to cater to all of us with a yummy hotpot dinner spread, made from scratch and it was her very first time. *ahem* mind you our dearie hostess doesn't cook.

BCBG Amy the hostess was bz checking out if she missed any item. Hey babe where's ur event checklist? U used to have that for work related events huh?

There's really a lot a lot a lot damn a lot of FOOD!!!!
with condiments also made from scratch :)))

Monkey must been telling the Host Ben it's crazy to prepare so many things all at once, esp when you have never done hotpot before :P and he seems to agree.

Sexay Back Maggie and Shy Chatwin

Beautiful CS, ML Joanne and Sexay Back Maggie having a Watch Forum. Oh did I mention? there was also a dresscode for this partay - BLUE. It was so last minute and I was scrambling my walk-in wardrobe for something in blue.

the person who set this color dresscode could be color blind coz he was wearing DIGI YELLOW
"where ur blue top?????"
Will: "Errrr.....hehehehehe."
"Dun tell me ur underwear is blue, if it is, I wanna see it to confirm."

anyway neither the Ws wore a single strand of blue that evening.

so as usual everyone was bz preparing the ingredients for hotpot....while Monkey was as usual....errr Notti-ing around...oh wat else is new?

"apa nie? what's tat?"
BCBG Amy: "That's sliced pumpkin my dear."

I alwiz live it up to my title - Notti Monkey

Even the men were bz setting up the dining table. YS must has been trained by his dearie wifey to do seatings for all the guests. Who sits with who yada yada.....

Meow Cat was oso bz setting up the cutlery. All the chopsticks were aligned.

wat to do....when u are having dinner with a bunch of ppl who are experts at managing events...this is wat u get. Seriously I can't seem to be able to identify any of the ladies here including the Ws who are not in events.

They even merchandise the "products" accordingly to colors, vibrancy, texture, types and category. Sorry though I'm in events too...I did nothing except contributed in reducing the above food to nothingness.

Will the one who said we must all wear Blue....-_-"
Meow Cat said she wasn't informed and came in lovely dusty pink dress.

"Apa tengok tengok?"
this woman has learnt the death-stare from her partner in crime Beautiful CS

the lady with the Death-Stare is here......even Will had to move aside for her

"okie put this........and then u'll need to add that." says ML Joanne
So u can see who's the boss here. 

and now u need to cover it. We loaded so much of food into the 2 pots

and now everyone just tick-tock-tick-tock and wait for the food to be cooked. Meow Cat must be counting the seconds hahahaha.

Chillax people, let's cam-whore first. The Ws looking good here :)))

and now it's time to EAT!!!! Wilbur was a happy boy here here :))))

usually it's the kids that get to eat first...Baby Kayla u are so lucky ok......mommy cooked and blew ur food for u.

Then it's time for the Adults to dig in...
nom nom nom nom....and we finished everything..

Midway through dinner, YS's beloved sentimental 25 years old extension plug decided to gave way. Ben to the rescue!!! oh well, let the Men handle all things electronics and technical. Hahahaha.

Dinner then continued after a slight technical error. Hahahaha We the experts in event alwiz had to handle errors, dramas, last-minute-es, changes all the time...so this technical failure was nothing...bahahahaha.

Ben was the sommelier of the nite, busy pouring drinks for everyone.

Great Food, Happy People, laughters all around :))))))))

Shy Chatwin and Sexay Back Maggie decided to kidnap lil Baby Kayla...and she followed willingly. Hahahaha.

The daddy was surprised..."u sure about it? I don't think u can handle her for 3 hours."

but Shy Chatwin...u ARE following Monkey home Wokey???
Ben taking a short break after all the food....we thought dinner was almost over...until....until....UNTIL....

Hey W Boys...watcha doin?

Both William and Wilbur ignored me.....:(( still bz deciding how to merchandize their homemade fruit tart

William made this from scratch!! such a pretty looking tart!!!!! and it was really delicious too.

midway through our event..i mean our dinner...Baby Kayla had a change of apparels. -_-" She even had a huge mickey mouse bag full of clothings.

"Wat's in ur bag Kayla?"
Baby Kayla: "Baju."
"can I see?"
Baby Kayla: "No."

T_T kids hate me.....

Monkey, Meow Cat, ML Joanne, BCBG Amy

Beautiful CS, Baby Kayla, Sexay Back Maggie
Beautiful CS and our dearie hostess BCBG Amy

While the ladies were bz cam-whoring and poor JS was made photographing everyone...yeah if u noticed...there's isn't a pic of him :P...the rest of the men were bz holding their glasses downing alcos hahahaha

This auntie Sexay Back Maggie was bz asking Baby Kayla on her games...how do u play it...wat is it? wat do u call it??
Exactly her mommy's reaction....exasperation!!!!
Baby Kayla let out a big sigh and pulled her hair....Sexay Back Maggie couldn't help but hid her giggles coz this lady knew the mother too well. hahahaha...like mother like daughter

Coffee anyone??? there's this notti monkey barista. She makes really good cuppa.

More food!!! Swiss Cheese

and more gourmet cookies from the hostess...I can't remember how much we ate but definitely way way too much

our photographer of the nite aka Mr. JS was bz coordinating our position for a group pic...everyone was either busy yakking away...Missing in Action...or just too much of action like Baby Kayla and Monkey

Finally after we got tired...we settled down for a test shot

The one Missing In Action came back and plunged into the sofa...but I dunno wat is Shy Chatwin pointing at

and we moved and joked and luffed again to the frustration of our photographer JS -_-"
Finally......JS ran to the group for this group pic taken by his beloved Leica on timer. Look at JS...he had one hand on his waist...a sign of defense..he really gave up on all of us...
another shot but this one Ben looked so tipsy :P

then the gals continued yakking chatting yada yada yada
and the men continued drinking...bahahahahaha...

The Cinderellas decided to leave first before 12am....
The Cheahs had to go cycling early the next day while the Hoes gotta attend church.

The kepohs didn't wanna go home yet....we stayed on and continued our conversation...more cheese and more wines

Hey u gotta go home u know. I need my sleep.
Hahahaha of coz he didn't say that :P I just made it up :P

and finally all of us headed home with a super round stomach hahahaha. Thank you to Host and Hostess for an elaborated dinner.

Congratulations on your new home. 
Enjoy your new home and we look forward to your updates on phase 3. 

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