Friday, February 21, 2014

It's all about the "Jours"

du Jour is french of "of the day"
du Jours is "of the daysssss"
so when Fendi created the 2jours structured's really the bag of the day. Made from high quality calfskin with a name tag which u can customised in enamel. The one in the color Ecstasy Pink really got me high in ecstasy.
Next comes the one in blush pink. I was turning it round and round looking for a slight hint of's more of a blush beige to me.

but then.........the Saint Laurent Sac du Jour Cruise 2014 new colors have arrived!!!! I saw them personally last weekend...and over them

*pics stolen from purseblog*'s so pretty!!!!!
too darn pretty!!!! WHY WHY WHY?????

Fendi 2Jours or Saint Laurent Sac du Jour
dun tell me both, I can only afford one right now

The leather on Saint Laurent is prone to scratches while Fendi is more hardy
Saint Laurent weighs a lorry bcoz of the inlay leathers and Fendi weighs about a van too. Both are heavy even before my stuffs are in!!!
but Saint Laurent is so structured and beautiful!!! Fendi too!!!
*pulls hair*

Just tough decision how how?
JS will say go buy wines, at least both of us can enjoy....a bag??? errrr......

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Anonymous said...

I'll vote for Fendi!! I really like the pretty blue-grey shade.

I honestly think the ecstasy pink bag is so you :)

Now.. this Fendi bag is really calling my name!

-May Ng-

CHER-RY said...

Hello May...yes you are right...Fendi it is then!!! :)))

Anonymous said...

Hi Monkey,

Yup ! you are definitely one lady with discerning taste.

Off topic, do you have any unique gift ideas (that you can only get it in M'sia) to give to a female friend living in HK?

She loves food & has expensive taste, and I don't wanna get her pewter Royal Selangor. (So boring)

Any premium confectioneries where you think are tasty and come in fancy packaging that you would recommend ? Or just any good looking stuffs e.g. macarons, cookies, candies, etc

Your recommendations would be greatly appreciated :)))))

- May Ng-

CHER-RY said...

Hello May,

It really depends on the recipient. If they love to cook then getting them sauces and spices would be excellent. My HK and Taiwanese friends love the Bak Kut Teh spice pack and I usually get them those. They also love Ipoh White coffee. AS for the Europeans they usually prefer Sarawak White Pepper and premium Tea from our highlands.

As for Macarons and confectioneries, they have better ones than ours...hahahahaha

Hope the above helps. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Monkey,

Thanks for the recommendation.

Yes, I usually get them Ipoh Old tow white coffee and A1 Bak Kut The Spice pack. However, I thought of getting them something different this time. But thanks anyway :)

You are right, their confectioneries are waaaay better than ours.

I like your photos taken in Japan, the image of the food looked so tasty!

I can see that you truly enjoyed your stay in Takafue Ryokan which also offered Hermes toiletries ! That was so luxurious =D

Did you manage to try Yoko Moku Cigare wafer rolls? Those are good stuffs and famous in Jap-an!

May Ng-

CHER-RY said...

Oh yes we did. How could we miss all the yummy wafer rolls. Hahahaha.

I hope you managed to get something nice for your friend there :)