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Torimasa Yakitori, Nagasaki

We got our Resort to make the reservation. The mention of Torimasa put smiles on the lovely concierge's face. Shows that this is a good place. She gave us the address and direction to get to this yakitori place. Chef Ota even specifically mentioned we must go to the one eat Nagasaki Train Station. It seems that this train station is like point zero where everything starts from here, every direction starts from here and every pickup starts from here too. So after only 3 days in Nagasaki we kinda pretty much familiar with....Nagasaki Train Station. Bahahahaha.

We've arrived at this street full of eateries, bars and pubs...not to mention Pachinko aka SLOT MACHINES!!! What is it with Japanese and slot machines center??? U find so many of these huge places with hundreds of slot machines and it's fully packed with ppl busy "donating" money to these game machines. -_-

Torimasa was no where to be found. The problem with us and Japan and the language is...we can't read. It isn't like ABC alphabetical where we could read, this is like with strokes and points and characters....eventually everyday we had to compare strokes by strokes, points by points to make sure it's the same me it takes 500% longer comparing japanese characters than to read French/Italian/Greek/Spanish.

JS eventually found it but we were starring at the food display...
"This isn't yakitori!!!"
JS: "But the characters state this is the place!!!"
Dunno wat strucked us....oh it must be UPSTAIRS!!!!
Chef Ota opened Sumika in Subang Jaya has the same concept....upstairs

We made our way upstairs...and finally there's ABC that states TORIMASA!!!
to our relief and to the happiness of our hungry tummies

The sight of this griller brought HUGE smiles onto our face :))))

The standard offering of cabbage. You add the sauce on top as you wish.
There isn't an english menu. No ENGLISH were spoken please plan and be prepared for a bit :P

I must say the cabbage here is different from what we got in Malaysia. It is already so sweet on its own minus the weird cabbage "smell". Basically it's something that I will eat a lot here bcoz I'm not a fan of cabbage.
a simple appetizer of potato salad was so yummy bcoz there's tuna innit. I guess when you have superior ingredients, u can never go wrong with it.

JS was educating Monkey on japanese characters...
Ok ok ok now let's eat, I'm very hungry. Keep the lesson after our dinner hehehehe

Thankfully there's a cold display with skewered food at the table counter. We get to point whatever we wanted...hahahaha otherwise I don't really know how to order our dinner.

Grilled Pork Belly....
OMG this was really good...the burns was so uniformed and was still sizzling when it was put on our lil "rack"

Papa Bear Seiichi reminded us that we MUST MUST MUST eat squid in Kyushu for it's the best squid in Japan. So we had squid right from north Kyushu, down to West side, and as we traveled to East into the heart of Kyushu, we've been busy stuffing our face with Squids....hahahahaha. True enuff it's really really good beyond description with the fattiness and texture.

Bacon wrapped with a different variety of onion shoots. It looked like chinese cabbage but has the taste of sweet onions. I have no idea wat kind of vege this was.

Bacon wrapped enoki mushrooms. We ordered the standard of wat we usually have in Sumika Subang Jaya to have a comparison in terms of technique, taste and ingredients.

Chef Ota told us Torimasa was his Sensei - Si Fu. So it's like goin back to mecca for me. If Chef Ota is already so good and yummy, this was really superior. It all lies in the charcoal, technique and ingredients.

The interior with bottles of Soju was pretty much identical to Sumika. Those bottles of alcohol were mostly labeled with customers' names.

Char-grilled perpectoral part of a tuna.
This was so juicy and fat and yummy.

Bcoz Pork Belly is so yummy, gotta have more :))))))))

The bomb was this!!!! Chicken Wings!!!

The Chicken wing was flatten to give it more crisp to its skin. U drooling yet?

Sweet Onions was really good too. I do not know how do u even skewer this slice of onion without damaging it.

Grilled onigiri, served with pickled mustard leaves.
Judging from the color, u'll know how crispy and how fragrant this was :)))) Nothing beats the awesomeness of comfort food like this :))))

Japanese leeks was so so sweet

and again bcoz the Pork Belly was so good, I had to have more :P
I know.....there's so much of other things to eat...but lookin at the size of my tummy, I need to be selective...hehehehe

Yakitori is usually eaten with beer/soju/alcohols for japanese after a hard day in the office, before they depart home. It's usually eaten with colleagues in a very fun way and environment :))) Hence there's set menu like "Salary Men" set which comprises a few of chicken yakitoris and beer.

Torimasa Yakitori *2 minutes walk from Nagasaki JR Train Station*
8-2 2F, Daikoku-cho
Tel: 095 828 0456

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