Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hostellerie de Levernois, Beaune *One Michelin Star*

this was the restaurant Chef Takashi Kimura of Cilantro KL worked when he was an ambitious 20 year old boy
a week before we left to France, Chef Takashi told us he dined there for 3 nites before being given a job at this restaurant
he was very determined huh? what a different way to "get" a job huh?

it is one of the most celebrated restaurant in Beaune
inside an even more beautiful property with an amazing park and garden
a peek outside the park in cold winter :))))))))))))))
the ambience here is really cozy and design is minimalist with touches of redness here n there
inclusive of all the cutleries and utensils
well since it xmas was around the corner then
some festive deco elevated the ambience
very interesting amuse bouche(s)
pardon my memory, on that very nite I forgotten my lil notebook and did not take note
*slaps forehead*
and forgot to utilise my iPhone
a beautiful Mersault.....
we have fallen for good quality whites
last time we dun bother spending/investing in whites

Mr. JS, last nite u were saying how many % of wine productions are Premier Cru
frenchie pronounce "Premier" as "Poh-mea-yeh"
in France everywhere...butter is their pride
and rest assured u can't get anything close to their quality

we lurve Echire butter and to them that's like commercial massed butter
retailing at Euro 3.80 per tub of 250g and here in KL they are selling at RM 48.90
wait till u have their Grand Cru butter....:D awesome bliss~~~~~
Langoustine with marbled ham and truffles
I couldn't remember either who had this
poached and cold oysters in lemon jelly
it's like an oyster terrine...excelent bcoz somehow the oysters are still raw after all the process
I didn't have this and forgotten wat was it?
was this Dinos the Great's starter?
frogs legs? gosh memory lapsed
partridge :)))))))))
I've never eaten partridge bird in my life
it is pretty gamey and very very rich

sorry to all Christmas lover there...Sorry that I ate your partridge
but it was so yummy kenot resist
partridge came with organs separately :P
the prized parts
the fish was done to perfection with such detailing
all the flavours were infused and well combined
the Chef had used all the ingredients very well
wow what's happening?????????
all eyes on the trolleys
Monsieur, here we have the Burgundian cheese
pride of Burgundy
and here we have the goat cheese
*Monkey faints*
hmmmmm tough decision.....
Grand Marnier Souffle :))))))))))
is also Chef's specialty here
*and so is Chef Takashi*
we were extremely tired that particular day having driving around
esp on the Rue de Grand Cru
so our appetite were pretty unusually not us :P
this restaurant deserves another visit
service was top notch though not all staffs speak english

I would lurve to try their "Surprise" degustation menu next time
and yes stay at this beautiful property itself..
there's only like 14 or 16 rooms

The Restaurant
Hostellerie de Levernois, Rue du Golf,
21200 Levernois,
Tel: +33 03 8024 7358


js said...

yes, 1.4% of burgundy production is grand cru and 56% are reds whilst 44% are white. 10.1% is premier cru is produced and 45% of premier cru production is red whilst 55% is white.
so really there is less grand cru white burgundy wines compare with reds and in is rare!!

CHER-RY said...

indeed very very rare.....
thank u for bringing me there :)))

Baby Sumo said...

Food looks spectacular.

Was wondering if you can tell me where can I get echire butter in KL? Thx.

js said...

Baby sumo. Go to dish at dua residency. One tub is bout RM45 :))

CHER-RY said...

Baby Sumo: Happy New Year there!!!!!! below is the address.

Delicious Ingredients,
Mezzanine Floor, Dua Residency,
Jalan Tun Razak,
Kuala Lumpur.

Enjoy the gourmet shopping :)))))