Friday, December 03, 2010

Fa la la la la la.....

don't u think the design is so organic and yet futuristic?
yea we've been staying opp ION Orchard all the time in Spore
just very convenient
why can't Msia have integrated shopping strip like any other countries?
Xmas decos were already up and this pic was taken almost a month ago
yes I've been behind tonnes of postings
my next holiday is here and the previous ones were still on back-log

well this Monkey can only focus on one's either work or personal
so if  I work....I worked like a madwoman
and when time comes to partay and play.........hehehehehe I bring the house down
somehow need to find balance here....
*hmmmm beginning to sound like an old laydee now*
U can literally see Berr smiling :)))))))
he's alwiz grumpy like me, that's y Monkey bought him....

Yes Berr!!!! we r heading to Paris tonite
u packed all ur stuffs yet?
well just one lil green pouch....u lucky adorable elephant.....
I have a truckload of winter wear to pack *hmph*
but I'll make sure u r warm and cozy in my Balenciaga/Chanel/Hermes :))))
in the mean time, how r u folks?
all geared for the festive season?
started shopping already?
planned ur year end break?

Whatever u r planning and doin.........have tonnes of fun yea!!!!!
hugs & kisses


Anonymous said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS & have a nice holiday!! CHEERS =)

licheng said...

Safe trip to you! Can't wait to hear your stories, cuisine/culinary escapades and shopping splurges! Take care :D

Anonymous said...

Have a safe and fun trip babe!

Merry Christmas to u and js!!!


mef said...

G'day JS and Cherry,

Have an awesome holiday and travel safe.

Merry & Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year to you both & Berr.

Season greetings

js said...

Txs mef. Really looking fwd to going away. Cheers.

CHER-RY said...

Hello everyone!!!! TQ for the wishes. Hope all of u will have a blessed and meaningful festive season too. Hugs :)))))

ps: there will be short postings so do drop by :))))