Thursday, December 09, 2010

Disneyland Paris

Land where dreams come true :D

6 months ago....when we've decided to do Paris for year end....
the itinerary was sparse *then*

Monkey: "errr u wanna do Disneyland? I've never been to any disneyland before...."
JS: *stared at Monkey for a moment......* "actually me neither...."

and of coz Berr was screaming that he wanna ride Dumbo the elephant..
ok ok ok I will queue with all the kiddos and put u there....
mad...queues in Disney world is like hours for each ride
Disney World Paris looked exactly like the picture
and during Christmas month it's even more beautiful

we r more of "crazy adrenaline pumping 4.5G rides hunter"
oh yea those neck breaking G force roller coasters that defy gravity

land where dreams come true....
we'll see bout tat :)))))


Anonymous said...

wow....memang very nice lor...

licheng said...


js said...

Can you guys imagine a white Disneyland??:))
Well, btw it's not a winter wonderland as you probably imagine. Too cold........Brrrrrrrrrrr o_O