Thursday, December 30, 2010


the 2nd round of breakfast......
there's no such thing as only one breakfast in France....hahahhaha
Breakfasts are treated with respect here....hence it also comes with desserts

sometimes u just can't resist all those pretty things sitting by the windows of any boulangerie
such attention seekers
and show stopper
u just have to walk in and get some
Dinos the Great & Monkey thought of getting ONE SINGLE PIECE of Eclair
and ended up with two....and a xmas buche de Noel
*slaps forehead*

and there's so many other flavours of Eclair
from chestnut to pistachios to toffee and of coz the traditional chocolat
all this in a small village with one row of shop at Dijon
and that village is called Gevrey Chambertin
Eclair was born in France somewhere around 1860s
baked to such lightness and hollowness in the middle
it's really really crispy :))))

then yummy fillings are being pumped in
and it must match the glace/topping on the top

oh yum....the best Eclairs were the above fr this village of Gevrey Chambertin
not only it's crispy, fresh, tasty with just enough and just nice fillings
it's not too sweet
it was darn cheap at about Euro 1.60 each..
*in Paris at Le Maison du Chocolat or any other sets u to Euro 5 each*
*that converts to RM 21 for a damn Eclair in Paris*
oh craving for it now...
prollie I should learn how to make some...
teee heeee heeeeee

Yeayyy tmrw is a public holiday in Malaysia
*we msians are lazy bastards*

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!


neil said...

Yes! Please learn to bake it, then bake for me to eat =P~

licheng said...

Loved, loved, loved the Le Maison du Chocolat truffles and eclairs I had in NYC!

CHER-RY said...

Nee Lee: yes I will...but that will take another decade :P I can even failed in baking cookies...gawd knows wat bout others...

Kindy Chai: yes Le Maison du Chocolat is really a premium and they are damn good. Surprisingly this lil cottage bakeries in a village can produce such amazing eclairs...will definitely return for more :))