Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Early hours in Paris on Day 1

we touched down in the early hours
zoomed to our hotel fr the plane to the room in under 55 mins...
how efficient is tat?

Monkey & JS stayed at the beautiful Rive Gauche of Paris, well that's the left bank
like walking distance to Le Bon fact it was only like a stone throw away....
we walked around St Germain and found so many nice bakeries baking yummy stuffs for the early crowd
the whiff of the air was so lethal
made u just wanna swallow the whole place up
since we decided it's gonna be a "token" breakfast and went lite with it
only a yummy cheese bread, a croissant and 2 cuppa of espresso
but that soon gonna be ain't enuff :P
croissants was absolutely buttery
flaky and crunchy on the outside
soft n fluffy on the inside with a sweet length
all shops in France serve outstanding croissants
can never get one that's fail
obviously we needed a map to navigate along all the streets
just point which cafe/restaurants/boutiques on which street and voila off we go
our 2nd breakfast of the day......hahahahaha
yummy fried free range eggs with bacon
their bacon were so thin and moist :))))))))
and the yellow yolks just burst in such yummy creamy goodness
french onion soup was superb, every cafe we went to, served awesome onion soup
with generous shavings of a type of cheese....the cheese was not too rich and has good length and some really yummy bread innit
so that was the first morning
and the snow came.....and went...and came and went :))))))
indeed a white beautiful holiday for us :))))))

and we walked like 2 snowman around
more posting soon....
tonnes of pics to edit.....aiks....
happy Wednesday folks :))))))))


Anonymous said...

hohohooh...its white Christmas!!
very very nice arrr.... ^^

CHER-RY said...

Melissa: yea our wish came true - white xmas :D

js said...

believe you me, it was no winter wonderland.....more like winter wasteland :)

CHER-RY said...

JS: well u got wat u wished for...kekekeke so next time be careful with your wishes :P