Monday, March 16, 2009

Fetching and delivering a M5

white clean nice and new *still have the new car smell*

Prince C: "Ohhhhh u coming to Ipoh rite?"

Prince C: "Tolong send my new car down."
"??????????????? up or down?"

Prince C: "Up UP UP!!! to me here in Ipoh!!!
"????wat is your car doin in KL lar?? and u in Ipoh???

Prince: "wooooo let me tell u...I change this that this that modified those and replace with this bla bla bla bla bla bla bla yada yada yada and got it a new paint and glaze it bla bla bla."

-_-" sweat!!
it's a spanking new car...
why lar change so many things?
can cost another car man -_-
I've erased the number plate
so Monkey & JS drove in the rain to the workshop to retrieve this new baby
the Ah Beng workshop only does expensive car....
I saw a Cayenne being modified and another Beamer there.

JS: "U drive ok??"
"sure no's just a car."
very wrong
19 inches rim
Ex Ah Beng who's now an Uncle Boss: "who's driving later?"
JS quickly pointed to Monkey

Ex Ah Beng who's now an Uncle Boss: "Have u driven a SMG car Miss?"
"wat the hell is that?"

Ex Ah Beng who's now an Uncle Boss: "Miss u come here, I teach u how to drive this car."
"HAH??? WAT???? driving lesson???"
the powerful 5000 Litres V 10 engine
and the lesson begin:
"this car was designed using the latest SMG III electrohydraulic automatic transmission"
*apa itu wor???*

"it featured the Formula One BMW inspired engine and transmission controls including the launch control....the dynamic stability control.....the......"
*okie stop to drive?*
"Miss u driving auto or manual???"

Both JS and Monkey in unison shouted: "AUTOMATIC PLSSSS!!!!!"
the semi manual/auto gear stick
"oh then that's easy......"
"U must press the brake....put this do start...once started press the accelerate...then put in the gear..."
"to change gear, shift the gear stick to the right step by step bla bla bla....."
"to reverse must shift to the N to the left..... then up to Reverse."
"if u wanna use Dynamic gear shift, u press this button..."

it's not a RACE TRACK!!
the Formula One inspired steering wheel where u can change your gear at the press of a button..
+ or -
left -
right +

Both JS & Monkey O_O

"Miss u must be careful....this is a race will floor once u do this that this that..."
"It will reverse on its on so must step on the accelerate at all time but not too much coz it will floor to the front and......."

"OKIE STOP.....change person, JS u drive!!!!"
twin excesos pipes *soon to be replaced again*
After 10 minutes of crash course with Ex Ah Beng now an Uncle Boss
JS drove neatly outta garage
slow and steady...actually extremely slow
while Monkey tagging behind in his mobile.

after we have entered the highway....we switched driver.
JS passed the car to me..
"Okie u heard him just now....NOW DRIVE!!! very easy"

If it's so easy how come u dowan to drive?????
the sexay M5 grill on the side to emit hot air outta engine

and so Monkey took over the wheel right after the toll booth n begun counting miles.
It was quite a heavy car..

Did as wat the Ah Beng Uncle told me..
begun gear changes

Behold my dear readers:
D1 was short and before I can say it was short it went to D2
and jerked my body and then pulled me behind and went fwd so fast I got jerked behind again
the gear shift was never meant to be smooth for a M5
*it's supposed to be a Formula One inspired car remember???*

and in under 5 seconds I have reached Gear 7 at 120km
and I wasn't even trying hard....this car kenot drive slow one
it was this time that my Puke Level got ingnited.

this car responded TOO FAST

by that time.....
my favourite Nasi Lemak consumed an hour earlier
has became NASI ALAMAK

GAH!!!!! so far more to go
sexay xenon lights
the journey was steady after that, despite the heavy rain
Michelin tyres worked hard, pumped out the water as I cruised
I can see it from my mirror...this car left a long track.

the BMW M5 is not meant for everyday in the town use
more for the highway....

well u won't wanna know wat happen when I entered Ipoh town
got stucked in the Friday afternoon jam

the car was jerking and I was trying to control the accelerator
telling myself not too much, a lil bit...maybe slighty...not too much not too much.
dun accelerate too much or I will bang into that Poor Car in front of me.

finally Monkey reached Prince C's home safely and he was waiting for me at his garden

Prince C: "So u like my car??? Where's your darling?"
"Me no likey...give u back the key."

Prince C: "ceh!!! u dunno wat's a good car!!! wat u wanna eat for lunch?"
"Gimme abalone now also kenot eat....I wanna puke!!!!"

BMW E60 M5
only CBU, assembled in Dingolfing, Germany
5000 litre with V10 engine
7 speed sequential manual gearbox (SMG) *this was wat made me puke*
0 to 100km in 4.6 seconds
4 door sedan

Price Tag = RM 888,000
the only thing I like bout this car is the sound
really really like Formula One
nyek nyek nyek

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