Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our favourite past time

Gucci at Harbour City
We woke so early, had Pacific Coffee
then walked over to Harbour City to begin our indulgence
most retail shops open at 10.30am
and we left the cafe at 10.32am
Louis Vuitton has a queue already
and it was only 10.35am

OK I am not goin in....we'll go to the next Louis Vuitton
dunno why the ROSE collection somewat didn't impress me
anyway all LVs in town were with queues...
even the one in Landmark HK
so we ended up in Giorgio Armani building
from Casa to Armani florist...everything under one roof
and teman-ed JS to all his boutiques
the above was the latest collection of EYE from Junya Watanabe
chief designer of Comme des Garcons
believe me...we visited like 25 I.T outlets which carry brands like
Comme des Garcons, Junya Watanabe, Yohji Yamamoto, Anna Sui,
Maison Martin Margiela, F.I.L., Ann Demeuiemeester, Tsumori Chisato
Viktor & Rolf, Alexander Mcqueen, Helmut Lang....

I've never shopped so much for a very very long time
JS was like squeeling and squeeling at every Y-3 boutique
and pouted like nobody's business when his size was not available
all I did was be a good pair of eyes for him and roll my eyes -_-"

JS: "WAT?? this is how u looked like when u go shoes shopping too...."
Ok ok ok ...thank gawd u are a shopaholic like me too.
JS: "see it's so nice and comfy!!!"
"Yes it is."
JS: "Look!!!"
"Yes yes yes"
JS: "and look here!!!!"
"GAH nobody gonna look there!!! it's gonna get black anyway!!!"

my boyfriend is soooo like me
more like superceeded me now
also hanged out at wine stores
he was busy scouting some good burgs for dinner
so many bottle of Petrus
I no likey wines fr Pomerol coz it's so strong
u can age them like forever
Petrus 96 HK$ 16,900 = RM 8,450
1961 pomerol...I think this one is ready to drink
rated by honorable Robert Parker at 100 pointer
retailing at HK$ 49,000 = RM 24,500
hmmm yes ready to drink but my pocket not ready to buy.

the last Pomerol I had was a 1966 during someone's wedding anniversary.
then I stumbled into this shop
this one is for So Hilt Sharon
MaBelle in IFC mall is the exact shop where Constance used to work in the movie
"Gems of Life"

I rather stumble upon Mr. Hensem Moses Chan but nowhere to be found
aaaAAAaaaaaa *drools*
Louis Vuitton at Times Square
well as u can see we shopped from dawn to dusk
erm more like midnite.

killed my feet and pocket.
anyway I didn't get anything fr LV
coz bags that I wanted to get...I saw em on the arms of those tai-tais, tai-tais wannabe, aunties....

GAH!! I dowan already!! looked so auntie!!
or maybe...just maybe my taste is so auntie now.....

help needed...suggestions pls..
I haven't purchase any bags since December.
am deprived.

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