Saturday, March 28, 2009

Short Malacca Trip

they say if u see a rainbow when u are traveling
u are in good luck!!!!
*we saw one in Athens too*
Malacca Baba & Nyonya Ice kacang!!!
drizzled more Malacca palm sugar on top
Baba Nyonya laksa with all the condiments
with a spoonful of tuna
this lil place is at Jonker Street
we were eating among antiques
a hungry man is an angry man
feed him and he shall be a happy man
I'm alwiz HAPPY :D
it was scorching hot
Clock tower
the fountain which was erected in 1904 in memory of the Great Queen
He wanna be a navy army when he grew up
*her royal highness told me :P*
that is why he is commanding his team like a battalion now
kincir air
I dunno wat is it for
the river has been cleaned up and beautiful sidewalks were built
we came for the boat ride
quick there's no one!!!
it was a relaxing 45 minutes journey
the river cruise also passed by our hotel

"can we stop here? hehehehe?"

the tour guide who was driving the boat can't be rely on
esp on his facts and details.
everything were inflated.

"itu hotel paling mahal di melaka!!!! Satu malam dua ribu ringgit"
everyone was in awe....
"aaaaa, dalam tu ada muzik, ada minum...semua pun ada."

ishhhh this man is so unreliable.
tipu tourist one!!!!

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