Thursday, October 26, 2006

Sydney, Day 1

bitching on the phone with Izani at MAS Golden Lounge
yeap...all happy happy for the take off
My breakfast onboard
egg omelette stuffed with herbs and mushrooms
the journey was pleasant and ....slow...8 hours
half of the time spent flying over's such a big island but the smallest continent
very minimal cloud that day so we can see the terrain below
it's all desert down there
sunset on the horizon
isn't it beautiful?
we touched down safely at 8.30pm local time
weather was light and warm but not humid
and head to Cockle Bay for dinner
me looked so sleepy and groggy fr the journey
him bubbly as usual coz....
we had a bottle of aussie sparkling wines...
only sparkling wines fr the Champagne region in France can be called..
but this sparkling baby is awesome with a good nose and it's only AUD 40
freshly shucked pacific oysters AUD 18
yummy bruschetta with sweet tomatoes, prosciutto (a type of ham/bacon), boccocini cheese (similar to soft mozzarella) AUD 5
succulent scampi (in Msia it's probably called big head prawn!!!) spaghetti in sweet tomato sauce with garlic and chili baked in foil AUD 28
grilled king prawns, scampis, barramundi with garlic, wild oregano served with potatoes and zucchini fritelli AUD 42
chocolate souffle with vanilla bean ice cream and vanilla cream AUD 17
we dined at Al Ponte Italian Restaurant with a good view of the other side of the harbour.

more info on Al Ponte Restaurant

Al Ponte Ristorante Italiano
Level 2, 461 Harbourside,
Darling Harbour,
Sydney NSW.
Tel: 02 9212 6001

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Anonymous said...

aiks! just touched down today and u're already blogging down ur sydney trip ar.. not tiring meh?? *salute* ekeke...