Monday, October 09, 2006

Don't be angry -lar

despite his grumpiness with me,
Lawrence managed to source a bottle of...very exquisite, extremely limited...

Armand Rousseau le Chambertine 98 for me :)))

tq Lawrence....tq tq tq tq tq tq tq....
It will only arrive in Nov/Dec fr UK.

I, Cherry, pledge to Lawrence,
that I will not drink this baby for the next 10 years.
and will take good care of it in the wine chiller,
until it is ready and matured to be consumed.

Last week, I stuffed myself with mooncakes
fancy box
8 small cute tiny mooncakes
when I say tiny, I meant it!! This one, chocolate mooncake.

How time has changed!!
Mooncakes now come in variety of size, shapes, colours, flavours, ingredients bla bla bla..
not to mention the prices too!!!

This year I did not buy any...but
I have more than a dozen sitting in my kitchen,
pressies fr friends, colleagues, staffs, biz associates and contractor.

The best mooncakes of the lot got to be the one fr Haagen Daaz...yum yum.

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