Monday, October 16, 2006

two notti creature with tails

Once upon a time,
there lived a notti monkey and a super mischievous dog,
who grew up in the same kennel,
go to the same obedient school...woof woof.
even eat fr the same bowl.
monkey and doggie *i have super long, sharp sexay tongue*
Meet my beautiful cousin, Jessie
We grew up together,
living under the same roof,
Never meet eye to eye...
alwiz fighting for that piece of bone or banana...
bite each other, hair pulling, name callings...
and all the "woofs" and "uuu-akkks"
can be heard houses away.
but we lurve and adore each other very much...
coz without the "doggie", monkey would be a lonely monkey...
no one to argue with..
no one to fight over the last pc of yummy cheese cake,
no one to share clothes and shoes with me,
no one to play makeup with me,
no one to do massive shopping with me,
and no one to kick me during the sleep!!!!
very soon no one will do all the above with me...coz..
you'll be getting married soon!!!
I'm gonna miss u heaps.
sweet mommy *muaks muaks muaks* and sis, Angie..

Since u are leaving the household to start a new life,
with a special someone far away from home,
I'll need to look for your replacement..

Lil sis Angie...quick... grow up fast..
so we can play dress up and shopping together.

But u are still so young and ambitious,
and a capable nerd,
How come u are not like me when I was 15?
so totally the opposite...duh.
I looked sooo like my mom.
No matter how much we fight,
I still lurve u as much..
for all the sacrifices u made for me,
and be there for me all the time.

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