Sunday, October 15, 2006

Congratulations Connie & Alex

Early Sat morning, we had a quick breakfast at *$ (starbucks).
Head to the Buddist Maha Vihara on time...
and waited for the bride...
Where is she?

As usual and alwiz,
Connie was not on time...she was late 3 minutes!!!!
This was the hall the blessing took place
The saffron-robbed monks did chantings and tied a yellow strings on their wrists.
Together they lit the candles and jossticks
Looking rather nervous.
The rings in the blue box
Taking the oath
Family & friends
Exchanging the rings
Now it's Connie's turn
Next, exchanging vows.....
Do you, Alex Tan take Connie Fong as your beloved wife?
and do you, Connie Fong take Alex Tan as your husband?

I felt sooo emo and touchy when they said " I do"
Tears almost welled up....
It was a beautiful moment.
you may now kiss the bride.
Alex signing the papers.
Connie couldn't resist fr laughing coz Carol was pressuring her verbally at that moment to sign.
"Sign it!!!!"
after all the formal, legal documentations, I may now pronounce u, husband and wife.
Mr. Tan, Mrs Tan and Monkey
Monkey wore white too and ppl thought I was there to register meself...not so patient ya ppl!!!
Connie & Lu Ai
"Pls marry me!!!!! "(*again?*)
"I thought we were already married!!"
Playing hide & seek
"Connie, u are my moon, my stars, my......................"
"Oh Alex, you are my everything..."
So we left them there...lovey dovey..mushy hooshy at the park.

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