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Yoshoku Dinner @ Location Secret

The dinner was schemed by a few culprits and of coz the ever polite, well-behaved, subdued Notti Monkey has NOTHING to do with scheming events like this.
hmmmm...nothing to do with me
I was merely just a very well behaved guest who showed up on time with sweet things on her hands. Yes mommy said must alwiz bring something sweet to ppl's home....that is to sweeten up their life/home.

Hello Mugi!!! do u still remember me?
I know.....I won't touch you....but where's your mommy? U miss ur mommy?
Mommy is still galavanting in Sweden leavin u behind.......aint' fair huh? Maybe that's why ur daddy is throwing such a big partay without ur mommy around.


Dr. JS and Papa Bear Seiichi.....galavanting on the comfy chair :P

It was meant to be a Yoshoku dinner
the definition of yoshoku can be found in wikipedia. A type of japanese cuisine with a lot of Western influence.

When menu was laid out a few weeks ago....yea dearie MW Maho...the menu and wine list was plan out quite some time ago while u were....errrr....galavanting in Europe? Don't come and hunt us down....go after ur Papa Bear :P

so when the menu was laid out....Beef Burguignon and Japanese Gyoza were in the list...
Monkey's eyes were horror!!!
"MW Maho will disapprove of this!!! this is.......not a dinner!!!! this WRONG!!!!"
"That's the idea...we can only do this while she's away"
ok I'm not gonna caption who said that :P

Later I was educated that there were many other japanese dishes with western influence such as Tonkatsu, Japanese Curry Rice, Hamburg Steak, Spaghetti, Korokke, Curry Udon, Caramel custard were not originally japanese. YES even TEMPURA isn't japanese!!! It's fr Portugal!!!

It was during the Meiji restoration that the Emperor to enforce a "Look West" concept as a way to advance. Thank you to the emperor, we now have so many exciting Yoshoku dishes.

Monkey and Sexay Peach Lissa in deep discussion.
It's alwiz about food food and wines....that evening it was about motherhood.
Oh no, don't get me wrong. I am definitely not pregnant. Otherwise U won't see me perpetually holding my wine glasses.

Sexay Peach Lissa is an awesome and cool Mom. She brought up her son in such a fun way. And really westernised too......oh well her son is half ang-moh anyway :)) But that's not my point. My point is...everyone will wants a cool, happening Mom like her :)))))

As we were bz chatting various topics....yummy canapes were served.
Cool refreshing crunchy japanese cucumber with black olives and anchovies stuffings. Yummmssss
yea How often do u get served canapes for dinner at someone's home???

Dr. JS, Pilot Alan, and solo-host Papa Bear Seiichi.
He was so happy meeting his high school friend - Pilot Alan. It was his first time in Malaysia and was well received with a 2 hours jam from KLIA to KL. Hahahahaha.

of coz all of us were so curious to know stories of both of them growing up together in Japan.
I guess to be in touch with someone for so long really means a lot. Thank you to Facebook and the internet for I too, found most of my old school friends through it.

Later, the ever dedicated Dr. Epicurean arrived looking stressed....after I dunno how many dozens of surgeries and consultations for the day. I totally understand why u need alcohols HAHAHAHAHA. feed your needs to de-stress.

He's a big CC fella....apart from being a one kilo meat man - meaning he can consume 1kg of beef on his own....he also consume and enjoy his wines the way none of us can out-beat him.
"Can u even operate the next day???"
Dr. Epicurean standard answer would be: "If I don't, my hands will shake."

Chai Chai and Mugi looking alwiz.
I think they are looking at the main door.
"Where's our mommy???????"

While the adults were bz yakking, enjoying their champagnes and conversation....Mean Xer was bz at the kitchen. She was there much earlier to prepare most of the food. Including home-smoked wild salmon. She's a MEAN CHEF!!!! and I like to disturb her.

"Hey Dude, do u know wat u are doin?"
yes I lurve to disturb her....even when she's holding her sharp knife. I really don't know the boundary and danger at this point.

Mean Xer: "Shuddup or I'll slap you!!!"
yeah I was disturbing her rhythm of cooking. Making her fumbling over the size and cut of the smoked salmon. Asking a lot of silly question too.

The beautiful colourful Vegetable Terrine that she made
WAHHHHHH so pretty!!!!
"Can I taste can I taste first????"
Mean Xer GRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrRRRR~~~~~~

She then plated 2 slices of home-smoked wild salmon together with the vegetable terrine
"CAN I???? CAN I???? PLEASE!!!!"
Mean Xer: "NO!!!!"

Mean Xer: "JS!!!!! can u get ur girlfriend outta my kitchen??????GRRRRRRRRRrrr"
Monkey: "This ain't ur kitchen!!!!!"
Mean Xer: "This is my 2nd home!!!"
Monkey: "It's not!!!"
and it continue on and on and on and one until Chef gave up.

It was a moment of calmness and zen-ness for 3 seconds b4 Monkey continued to disturb her.
But I helped out in plating and serving all the guests!!!!

Monkey, Pilot Alan and Sexay Peach Lissa
Finally everyone settled down at their seats. In this household, u can't be seated until the host has set u on ur assigned seat.

and so I was seated next to a Harvard Graduate Doctor JS and an Airbus A380 specialist pilot/Captain for a huge fleet. One of the largest fleet in the world. I felt so small next to them. Yes physically I am small...

"What do u do Monkey?"
"Errrr I'm a monkey? :P"

Pilot Captain Alan and Papa Bear Seiichi with a bottle of Pommard 1979
that was the year they've graduated from high school. Wat a memorable bottle and JS brought it without realising it fits the dinner partay so well. Coincidences do happen :)))

It's fun every time when we opened an old bottle, we tend to ask ourselves wat were we doin then. Wat was the fashion we lived our lives. I couldn't share much bcoz I wasn't even born yet. -_-" But it sure brought back sweet memories to everyone on the table esp both of them. :)))
The terrine we all been waiting for....oh yummmsss!!!!
the crunchy sweet fresh vegetables....paired so well with the smokie salmon. Topped with some yukari.

There's even palate cleanser of roasted figs with japanese thick goma sauce, drizzled with extra fresh virgin olive oil. YUMMMSSSSSS~~~~~

Next course was the Japanese Pork Gyoza
all waiting to be steam-fried by Eden the Maid.

Wow the base was really crispy!!!!!

The base was crispy and the fillings of pork and cabbage was so well flavoured and moist. So so good that I had so many....There were about 3-4 huge servings of gyoza and all gone really soon. Hahahahaha. OIIIISHIIII!!!!!

I sense that MW Maho will disapprove this....

She will never forgive us, for having a partay while she's away. Next she will disapprove the kind of food that we have because there isn't a theme. She will be in disgust and horror reading this posting.

Papa Bear Seiichi enjoying another palate cleanser of Watermelon Granite douzed with champagne. Guess we forgot to snap pic of it :P

Mean Xer is so passionate about her cooking....she even had to stick out her tongue while buttering the bread :P
HAHAHHAA good shot by JS. He really does know when/how to capture moments like this.
Soon my presence in "her kitchen" was detected and I was asked to leave her alone.

Okie lor.....I made myself useful and poured guests drinks and wines.

Papa Bear Seiichi is so happy to have such dinner because he has got:
1) Mean Xer as the chef
2) Dr. Epicurean as the sommelier
3) JS as photographer
4) Eden the Maid to help around, clean up and prepare dessert
5) Notti Monkey to pour water *wahahahahahaha this one is redundant*

Only the owners can touch Chai Chai
the dog has had bad experience hence nobody can lay a finger on him. 110% of guests whom insisted all got bitten, even those who claimed to be dogs whisperer. This dog should wear a tag on his neck --> Touch me at your own risk.

Beef Bourguignon was so so so good
really tasty and not as rich as those in provincial France. REally balance with good acidity. Such a comfort food :)))))))

NO Beef for u doggies!!!!

Papa Bear Seiichi made a really light Curry Soba with French influence.
It's lighter compared with the usual Japanese Curry, without compromising the taste.

Wanda finished work at 10pm and joined us.
"U came late!! u missed out on a lot of yummy food and drinks my dear!!"

my dearie JS. As usual nobody knows how to use his manual Leica M series....
so he had to take pic of himself with a mirror....bahahahahahaha
nevertheless it was a great pic :)))))

Eden the Maid.....yes the maid...baked an awesome apple pie!!!!
Wow wah a beautiful dinner

The wines line-up

don't worry MW Maho, u didn't miss a lot....only a Hermitage, a La Romanee Chassagne Montrachet...some good bottles from Cote de Beaune --> Pommard and Volnay...and my favourite Clos st Jacques Gevrey Chambertin...
hmmmm where are the bottles of champagnes???

Really really Happy Host and Guests

Thank you for the Yoshoku themed dinner invitation
hey it's still a theme right? So we didn't do anything wrong. We had a whale of a great time.
Lookin forward to the next one.

MW Maho golfing away in Sweden with her gal-friends.
hehehehehe don't kill us....kill Papa Bear
:P pffftttttt

We miss ya and come back soon!!!!!

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