Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Or Tor Kor Market, Bangkok *part 2*

Thai Satays hot on the grill
this will be the part 2 posting of Or Tor Kor market. Yeah too many good things and great pics to share, I can't bundle all together. Must let them shine on their own. Tee hee hee....

Wet market, dry market, groceries, flowers market, cooked food and food court under the same roof. So there's plenty to see and to ogle at.

Thai satays in thai peanut sauce, pipping hot from the grill being merchandised on fresh banana leaves. Frankly speaking, Malaysian satays rawks and rulezzzzzz.

I really like that everything is pretty organic here....leaves and parts of plants were used as part of the merchandise. Really enticing I must say. Imagine putting a stack of satays on a metal tray? Why not use banana leaves? it's clean/environmentally friendly/and look great!!! not to mention cheap, or prollie they got it for free :P

Allow Monkey to bring you to a virtual tour of section by section of this market. Seen here on the above pic were some Thai sausage...still pipping hot from the grill. They mainly used charcoal instead of electric griller, very very old school but this way, it retains the flavour of sausages.

Pork trotter stew and eggs as well
the cooked food section are mainly for "to-go". I think u can also have the food there.

WAHHH it's curry madness here!!!!
white, orange, yellow, green, red.

cooked dishes, curries, vegetables meat...
WAHHH the smell was so intoxicating and can make one's tummy rumbles like the bronx

even double boiled soups were sold here
all freshly made and pipping hot!!!

why oh why is their simple steamed minced pork with salted egg yolk so PRETTY!!!!!

steamed Hor Mok. It's usually referred as "otak-otak" in Msia for its brain-liked texture. Soft...gooey...and melts in ur mouth. Usually made with coconut milk, seafood, herbs and spices.

these delicate brains are usually wrapped in banana leaves then steamed accordingly. Awwwww.....such comfort food. Gimme a bowl of rice now!!! now now now!!!!

Thai pork balls/sausage anyone??? everything was so ready to be packed to go....or to be eaten on its stick immediately :P They even had to merchandise the pork balls with a few pieces of lettuce. Such strong visual and smell that no one can resist!!!!

Fancy some claypot thai glass noodle cooked with coriander and crustaceans???
they all looked the same so wat's the difference?
it's the size and number of the prawns...big prawns medium prawns
2x prawns, or 3 prawns...
or with crab claws instead.

pre-boiled crab claws ready to go!!!!
wahhhh how convenient :))))))))))

if crabs are not ur thing, they sell these Charcoal Grilled huge prawns.
I don't really know if they are prawns or not bcoz it has the shell as hard as lobster...
baby lobsters perhaps??

dunno wat it is???
it's prawns!!! de-veined and par-boiled. All packed neatly ready to go.

if mud crabs are not ur thing..there's also flower crabs all par boiled...sold with a wicked spicy chili dip that's gonna blow ur ass :)))))))))
wahhh if I m gonna hold a partay in Bangkok...I know where to get all my food!!! all prepared and packed neatly...hehehehehehe

Charcoal-grilled sea fishes...these were mackerels
looked so fat and juicy man!!!!

or u prefer dried fishes in different format???

tiny fishes in bamboo basket/trays
these were caught at the sea, de-gutted on its boat and immediately placed onto these bamboo baskets/trays. They were then air dried on the boat as it makes it way back to the shore. How fresh could it be??? Thai usually served it slightly steamed with loads of "ulam" and chili dips. I lurve it so much but it has got shitload of bones. These fishes has got the natural saltiness of the sea, very subtle and its meat is really delicate.

semi-dried fishes
where's the head???
so u can see it's really clean...finding a buzzing "fly" here is more difficult than hays...I saw hays lying on the floor.....bahahahahaha.

"Mieng Kam" all packed and ready to go....just need to get the wild betel leaves/chaplu.
it's a Thai appetizer, where u wrap the wild betel leaves with a lil of all these ingredients.

then we slowly moved on to the desserts section of the market.
pots and pots and endless pots of Ginkgos. Goodness many tonnes of these were consumed per person every year here in Thailand????

they were cooked in syrup and it's really sweet. Once u bite the gingko nuts, the sweetness release itself.

u think we've moved on to "soup" section????
no we were still at desserts section.....boiled lotus root in syrup
it's weird to use them in dessert bcoz I usually have them in savoury soups but it's surprising yummy, and crunchy!!!

a mechanism used to pound on pandanus rice to create some dessert I think....

just a few of the dessert stalls that we passed by.....just too many pics and I had to select these few

the dried herbs and spices section
these were all fried chilis and spices with fish - could be salmon, prawns, shrimps etc. We bought a few back....good for toppings...I lurve them on steamy hot white rice...or just on my bread as Asian Sandwich :P
if Elvis can have peanut butter and banana sandwich *which is ewwwww to me* I can have Thai Nam Prik crispy spicy chili for mine

Cherries from USA
compare them with my fingers and u'll be able to gauge how big were these.

pink guavas!!!
ohhh it's not entire pink :P

Cut and cleaned papaya all ready to go
they cut the fruits with special knives to create these grooves.

it's now Lychee season in Thailand
they were really HUGE

Pomegranates in deep ribena red and pink ones.
They are either sweet or tannic sour.

baby grapes????
I m sure those are not the Grapes' leaves...they were ferns..Thais just had to merchandise their goods so pretty to make them so so so enticing?? Anyway a pack of these grapes are 100 Bht = RM 10

these leaves confirmed belonged to the Rambutan Tree family
hua hua hua hua hua

it's Thai Kangkung....where's the leaves??? it's all stalks!!!

another type of kangkung...this one I really like for its taste but more for its texture. No idea at all on wat is it called.

and really slowly inching our way....we were at the flowers section
what was she doing???

garlands and garlands of jasmines flowers to be offered to Buddha
so so so pretty!!!! and the smell was so intoxicating here.

and finally we were at the dry section.....
look at the small tiny garlic...they are really sweet. Just fry them whole with vegetables. Yummy!!!

oh not to mention there's the fish market, chicken market, meat market etc.
Pics were too gruesome to be posted here I'll just leave the pretty and colorful ones for u to drool at :))))

and we took the BTS train with a really really satisfied tummy
hehehehehehe....and definitely weigh a few pounds heavier with hands lugging spices and chilis :P

Or Tor Kor Market
2 ways to come here...
1) BTS Sky Trains Sukhumvit Line - Saphan Kwai station and walk about 5 minutes
2) MRT Route - Kamphaeng Phet station, and cross the road near to Chatuchak


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Yes it's a nice and clean market. Please do book ur tickets!!! I really like BKK. :)))

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