Thursday, August 22, 2013

T&K Restaurant, Yaowarat

The "Erawan" outside our hotel
Erawan is the old name for it's referred as "Chang"
sounds familiar? Chang Beer?

I m so hungry after all the shopping and massage....time to go and fill my tummy round 1

both JS & Monkey hopped onto the comfy air-conditioned taxi. It's rather difficult to hail a tuk-tuk outside our hotel. Because the staffs and securities won't let in any tuk-tuk into the property unless that particular tuk-tuk was chauffering its guests.

Tuk-tuk the fastest and meanest mode of transport in Bangkok, is also pretty dangerous. Operated by the Tai-kows/mafias in town, it's monopolized by certain groups/gangs.

The other mode of transportation operated by these gangs are the Motorbike-taxis. You'll see men decked in colored best like this one in orange. It's a motor-taxi!!!! hahahaha yes...if u are alone, u can hail one to your destination. Pretty fast and wreckless too bcoz u won't have any helmet. Perfect for short distance bcoz if u travel with 4 wheels vehicle, it will prollie take u an hour for somewhere 20 minutes away. Yes now u know that Bangkok is terrible jam esp during peak hours.

When we arrived at T&K Restaurant...oh damn...long queue are awaiting~~~~~
this lil restaurant sits at the busiest intersection of Yaowarat aka Chinatown. The entire road was jammed up bcoz of the queue at this restaurant.

but don't let the queue hinder u fr coming here. It's so much easier to get a table when u are in smaller groups. I saw a large Hongkie gang of 12 pax waited pretty long for a long table.

The restaurant is divided into 2 dining experience. Outdoor and indoor. We alwiz chose the indoor for its comfy air-conditioned rooms and cleanliness as opposed to dining outside with rubbish on the road. Not to forget the smoke outta the never endless streams of vehicles passing by.

the beautiful visual display of wat's on the menu as you wait in line....
from poultry to crustaceans and salt-grilled fish...the nose was pretty intoxicating and starts ur stomachs rumbling.

We only waited for less than 8 minutes. As u stand on the line, a person will come and take ur order. With modern device such as walkie-talkie, the 3rd floor will announce to the ground floor there's a table for 2 vacant. We never have to wait for more than 10 minutes here.

Happy Monkey coz she's now "inside"
once u are seated, u just need to order your drinks. I would recommend either the chrysanthemum drinks or freshly squeezed Thai citrus juice. Otherwise u can alwiz opt for coconut drinks :)))

Thai weird looking vege which I forgot its name
Fried with the tiny small has got really good texture.
T&K is pretty touristy though so don't worry if u can't speak nor read Thai. There's a visual menu - life saviours.

Remember my posting yesterday on this weird looking vege...yeah this was the one. it has got an almost kangkung texture but closer to the chinese Potato-leaves that we used to consume here in Malaysia.

every table was served 3 different type of sauce
the green coriander chili sauce, red chili sauce, and cut bird eye chili in fish sauce

Really simple fried rice with Crab Meat and eggs. But it was so yummy with real "breathe of fire". I dunno wat is it about Thailand and its has got such good fragrant!!!

since the eggs are so good, an omelette is a must here!!!
any style u want it, from crabmeat to prawns and oysters :)))) 

steamed green mussels with shitload of herbs - basils, lemon grass, chilis, kaffir lime leaves. So simple, think I can do this at home :)))) but it's the freshness of ingredients that's important.

the other die die must order here is the Glass Noodle with Prawns.
cooked with plenty of lard, star anise, cinnamon, peppercorn....Alwiz the top dish here :)))))))) as u dig in, u'll find plenty of spices in there...including non-spices like coriander roots.

oh yum yum yum yum yum yum yum
nom nom nom nom~~~~~~
there are many other dishes to order but there's only 2 of us and we can only manage that much.

as alwiz...he'll watched me eat...for he's such a calories calculator.. As Monkey was bz putting food into her mouth...this monster will mention...325....or 176...Total 1,150 in all.

someone pls smack him with his Leica camera!!!

after the heavy meal time to walk around Yaowarat for more food :P
this was really a food suicide adventure :P

I usually head for kuey chap thai style :)))
the soup is peppery with loads of crunchy roast pork.

Monkey with additional 1,150 calories on her face with JS the calories calculator, hailed a ferocious Tuk-Tuk to head back. Such a novelty to ride on one hahahahahaha. Don't be surprised if it's more expensive than a cab ride, so do remember to negotiate the price before hopping into one.

There's really loads to eat do enjoy the 2 rows of stalls lined this street called Yaowarat. From RM 50 claypot of sharkfins to RM 10 of birdnest dessert....u'll definitely find something to chomp and nom.

Yaowarat is alwiz infested with tourists from Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong bcoz of its chinese population, now it's being visited by the whites too.

Sweet Thai gal selling undergarmets at Siam Square.
We got the Tuk-Tuk to sent us to our fav massage place at Siam Square.....after 2 hours of bliss...time to have more food again!!!!!

Pic taken fr the overhead bridge. A lady prepared some street food of Mama Noodle cooked with pork and thai salad.

we slowly walked back to our hotel at Erawan next to the famous shrine.
there's still many ppl offering prayers at this hour.

sounds of traditional music were still being played live by the musicians. Exotic dancers were still singing and dancing away, smokes and heavy nose of incenses infused the humid air.

That's pretty much our schedule in Bangkok. Afterall it's a food trip!!!

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T&K Seafood Restaurant,
49-51 Soi Phading Dao, 
Yaowarat Road,
Bangkok 10100.
Tel: +66 2223 4519


Melissa said...

I also went to T&K Seafood Restaurant during my previous trip....after reading ur recommendation. Ya..the food was good and not very expensive :-)

js said...

that mimosa looking veg is call "pak kah chet". just order "Pak kah chet fan dang". :)73hlysslo

CHER-RY said...

Melissa: yup cheap and good!!!

JS: Pak kah chet? wat does it mean?

js said...

Pak = veg. Kah Chet is just a name like pak bung = kangkung. Pak Ka nah = kailan.

Chasing Food Dreams said...

its a great place.. I also went because of your recommendation... just never had the chance to post mine... wakaka... and now I m seeing this again... to remind me I shld post it cos its just so good!

CHER-RY said...

Looking fwd to ur post!!!