Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Sumi-Ka Marathon

Perfectly char-grilled pork belly
the fat pieces were bursting in the mouth the moment ur teeth sink in. As good as crispy pork lard. Last few days had been a marathon here. 3 nites in a row at Sumi-Ka.

Reason was they were closed for 2.5 weeks!!!!!!

the boss sent the staffs to Phuket for a long holiday while he went back to Nagasaki Japan. Such a generous boss. Paid leave paid holiday.

We have no idea when are they coming back and kept on calling every single freaking day for reservation. The phone went unanswered for days!!!! apparently they extended their holiday. WAHHHHHH

The day they reopened for business, everyone looked so jovial and fresh. The boys were cleanly shaved, spotting some new funky haircuts. The ladies looked more youthful and Chef looked...the same...hahahahaha.

"How was ur long long long super LONG holiday??? we missed ya!!!"
*actually I missed the food :P*
"It was sooooo good. We didn't wanna come back!!!"
hahahaha I am sure...

fresh oysters wrapped with bacon and shiso leaves.
one of my new favourite....the oyster was still soft and juicy...think the shiso leaves not only offer a great taste but "protection" from the charcoal heat.

so on the 3rd day, we came here for supper with a few friends.

the main objective is to "drink" coz it's supper but one needs food to go with ur drinks right?

the down side of coming here after 9.30pm is...most of the "staples" on its menu are gone!!!! Such as chicken wings, chicken skin, Squid, squid's beak, peripherals parts of a pig, beef from Japan, certain fish...in fact loads of things were gone. hahahahah...but nvm it was just for accompaniment for our wines.

the lady was pretty sweet to save us some of these huge sea prawns from Japan so yums!!!!! and so so fresh, the meat were clinging onto the shells.

can't remember if this was beef tongue or something....
I don't usually have beef here bcoz my stomach can only accommodate all the chicken and pork :P

crunchy okras with japanese sea salt.

all these food needs plenty of preparation from cleaning to cutting them to uniform sizes then put them on the skewers. Look, there's 2 skewers holding these okras tightly.

just dip everything lightly onto the japanese spices

lurve the grilled shallots with brown sauce....
super sweet!!!!

chicken knuckles with a small piece of skin on top :))))))
yes didn't know chicken knuckles can taste so yummmsss!!!

ginkgo with specs of salt...
it's chewy and nutty!!! pure simple love :))))))

enoki mushrooms wrapped with bacon...grilled to yummy goodness and served with special japanese light vinegar. Good balance :))))

chicken thigh with leeks :))))))

since Leeks were so good, we ordered them solo

because the Oyster wrapped with bacon and shiso leaves were so irresistible...had to HAVE MORE!!!! yummsssss. Look at it!!!!

every table was served this generous bottomless refillable cabbage with light vinegar. Just cleanse ur palate after every stick :))))

Vosne Romanee Malconsorts with Yakitori???
the possibilities are endless....just like out new tagline -_-"
Malconsorts is just a very very short distance away from La Tache. It didn't achieve the Grand cru status bcoz apparently the owner rejected it when it was offered then. Wow it's like being offered knighthood and u say no? I like...he has got attitude :))))

soon Chef was asking if we want anything anymore as he is retiring for the evening soon.
Life is such...when u have everything u tend to take it for granted...when u know it's coming to an end..u will be greedy and have SOOOOOO many things...soon we were yelling orders for this and that and this and that and reorders of this and that.

Chef -_-"

Monkey and her usual favourites
Pork belly in sauce....shallots...and pork belly without sauce

The men wanted grilled onigiri and so they have 3
One of them insisted that he's full and no more food...but after one bite of the onigiri, he quietly chomped half of it :P

Resistance is futile!!!!

They could not resist more pork belly...and so another 3 more sticks :P

Soon Chef retired and ate his noodle :P

he then ate his noodle on a stool....chatting with his japanese clients.

and the apprentice took over
nope, he wasn't grilling for the remaining clients...it's FOOD for the STAFFS!!!!
so u see, Chef has got really high standard and quality. Only himself can grill for the clients.

it's almost 11pm and everyone was bz cleaning.
another busy nite and more to come :P

do make reservation in advance, they have 3 seatings
6.00pm - 7.30pm
7.45pm - 9.30pm
9.30pm till late
anyway the above timeline isn't official....I roughly time it out.
but most of the time we have 7pm seating until late :P It's pretty subjective depending on the availability for that evening.

I highly recommend counter seating to watch all the action but usually only possible if u have 4 pax and below.

Lastly, we must have the creme caramel that's so mini....and so burnt

Thought this will be such a cute pic to put up hehehehehe

Sumi-ka doesn't open for lunch. They are closed every Monday. It ain't easy to locate this place for first timer so my tip would be to locate Ayam Penyet and it's directly opposite it on the first floor. Very very obscure entrance by the side stairways. Cash terms only so remember to bring ur money!!!

Read bout the yummy Pork Knuckles which die die u must try
*click here*

Sumi-ka Yakitori
No. 19, 1st Floor,
Jalan SS15/4,
47500 Subang Jaya,
Tel: 603 5632 9312/ 6016 224 9312


Chasing Food Dreams said...

oysters & pork... sigh.. I m so gonna try and go to this place this next week. I doubt I can resist this anymore....

CHER-RY said...

Let us know ur verdict yea :)))