Thursday, August 29, 2013

Taffy's Birthday

This is Taffy......she's 9 years old
or was it 10??? sorry, this auntie is 3 times ur age but her memory is like 10 times ur age. Monkey was invited over for her lil birthday small-do. Actually it was an adult-do and Taffy was the reason we get to have desserts >.<

We were not allowed to smoke, swear and behave insensibly in front of Taffy
a few years ago, Monkey was made to apologize to Taffy bcoz I used the F word in front of the dog. Plus, I didn't used it on her....but according to the Mother, bcoz Taffy heard it and it's quite traumatizing for a lil I apologised but I didn't mean it...........pfffftttttttttttttt.
The Mother for the very first time COOKED for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've known her for 7 bitchy years and she never made anything edible for me....-_-" Even the watermelon she usually brought for dinners were cut by her maid >.<

so bcoz I finally get to enjoy her cooking......which was so rare...I didn't mind to jam all the way to her home.....hahahahahahaha
No Bak Kut Teh is complete without the bird eye chilis and finely chopped garlic, served with a mixture of dark soya sauce and the usual light soya sauce.
yea that was a single portion with plenty of ribs, enoki mushrooms and yummy goodness... Very very delicious homemade Bak Kut Teh. The Mother sourced the herbs from a very reliable source. But the best bit was the Shallot Oil rice...yummsssss. I don't usually consume this much carbs for dinner but soon the gigantic bowl of Bak Kut Teh with the rice were gone.....not a single grain was visible.

Yue Tiao was bought.....hahahahahaha...if she made this I will kneel down in front of her in admiration. :))))))))))

sensing our needs for greens, the Mother also prepared freshly blanched lettuce with oyster sauce and more shallots oil.

Taffy and Lil Monster.

It's time to blow the candle....we were searching frantically for a candle...and it had to involve the Father and the neighbours. Yea wat did the Father teach u? To love and respect your neighbours bcoz u'll never day u'll need them...esp in time like this where u needed a guiding light....a candle....HAHAHAHA.

We were bz snapping pics and left Taffy with Lil Monster together
Lil Monster: "Mommy can u see me?"

Lil Monster: "Can u? Can u?"
like mother like daughter....camwhores....

Lil Monster: "Taffy.....noooooo....go away!!!"

it's not ur birthday Lil Monster....get off the chair!!!
soon we had to sort out the dog, the monster and the candle...

Monkey and the Sexay Back were sweating fr all these "Activities"
phewwwww keeping a dog and a child ain't easy...definitely not my cup of tea/coffee

Happy Birthday Taffy!!!!! We know u enjoyed the heavenly Durian Cake so so so much. That includes Lil Monster...she finished the entire cake and was so hyper until 11.30pm that evening. The Mother then screwed me :P

All were well, the Monkey and the Sexay Back went back safely with no casualty. We graciously thanked the Mother for her yummy cooking, kissed Lil Monster goodnite and hugged Taffy for a bit.

The End...of my daily morning ramblings~~~

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