Monday, July 29, 2013

Loysel's Toy Cafe, Kampong Bugis Singapore

It has been our "modus operandi" to do coffee after meals. Oh well the world is really fair, there's alwiz demand and supply, check and balance. If you can do a great awesome "bak chor mee" u can't make a great cup of coffee. No shit that's true.

And even if u have the greatest beans imported from all the exotic places in the world, grinded to perfection, brewed excellent cuppas of coffee...doesn't mean the food that u served is great. Such is life :))))))))

yup check and balance, yin and yang.

so that makes us customers, travel from places to place for different things....just for breakfast. I know...all the trouble for it.

It was a lovely Saturday morning in Singapore...there isn't haze, blue blue sky and the birds were chirping. The M People convoyed to a certain place for a certain Bak Chor Mee with raved reviews. It wasn't my palate....don't get me wrong, I lurve bak chor mee.....just that this one was different and I didn't like it.

In case u were still wondering, I don't usually blog about places that I didn't like. That's the philosophy of the blog, post about things that I like, places that I would like to share with u all. As for those bad experiences, oh well it's up to individuals to judge. What may not be appealing to me, could be something good/awesome for some. Preferences are very very and REALLY subjective u know. The eyes of the this case, the palate of the consumer.

okie back to Loysel's Toy cafe, located at the shady quieter corner of's really a tranquil and casual place to do coffee with friends. Big mature shady trees surrounded this property made it quite relaxing. Paying tribute to the man cum engineer Edward Loysel de Santais, this cafe was named after him.

Mr. Loysel was the man who commercialized the world's very first coffee machine back in 1843. It didn't become an overnight success, instead he took it to the world exposition held in Paris in 1855....and ka-boom....the rest were history. Fast forwarding to the modern world, I am sure most coffee enthusiast would have a coffee machine at home. I cannot live without it!!!! even staying in hotels, it seems mandatory to have one inside your room :))))

Loysel's Toy Cafe imports beans from all around - Africa, America and Asia. It even has a small retail corner if you wanna take home some of those apparatus and iconic coffee machines :))))

Cameras were out to play that morning....


Loysel's Toy cafe do serve food - breakfast, brunch, snacks but we came here just for coffees. So many places like this been mushrooming all over Singapore. They are doing a really good business with unassuming locations.

We wanted to try another one yesterday after lunch but it was jam-packed and the queue was as long as Mcdonald's/Minion queue.

So in the end we went to J&J's new dwelling which they've shifted in less than 72 hours...enjoying a few cuppas, brewed fr their Gaggenau coffee machine. Such an honor to be the first guests to step foot into their beautiful spanking WHITE minimalist home...but most of all to officiate their coffee machine. J&J Jelina was figuring how to connect the milk container to the machine. HAHAHAHA

so do u have a favourite place in town for coffee???
As for Singapore, I still prefer *click here* because it has a good balance of acidity, aroma and length.

for more information about Loysel's Toy, visit:

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I am also a coffee lover. I agree with you that fast forwarding to the up to date world, I am certain most coffee enthusiast would have a coffee machine at dwelling.

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