Friday, July 19, 2013

Burnt Ends, Singapore

Burnt Ends opened in April 2013 to a lot of ravings, reviews and the talk in town. Helmed by chef David Pynt who hails from Perth, be assured u'll be well taken care of by his young and exciting team of staffs.

In case u didn't know, Burnt Ends is also co-own by Chef Andre Chiang of Andre
*read about our experience with Andre here*

The design here is rather Raw and minimalist
simple and yet it made some statement

esp with a huge stone oven sat right in the middle of the restaurant
but the funny thing is....u can't really feel the heat. How did they achieve this?

The menu was simple and focused only on their specialities
but u know us....when dining with a certain Si Fu, you don't really need the menu. Just let him handle and arrange our meals :))))

first dish of Cracklings and Mustard
really yummy that we had to order extra portions. The above portion was for the ladies.

The gents side......was destroyed b4 JS could snap a proper pic
yeah they were so hungry and left nothing to chance.

Burnt End Sangers of Pulled Pork Shoulder, coleslaw and chipotle
it was so simple and yet so so so good!!!!

a really pretty pic taken off their Facebook :))))))

next we had BBQ fresh squid served with BBQ sweetcorn, leeks and paprika.

Lamb Anchovy and Swiss Chard
look at the burnt crispy bits at the end :)))))))))

Quail was so juicy :))))))))))))
it's bones were almost carbonized...the furnace must be like an inferno

it's DUCK HEARTS!!!!!

Suckling pig and cider

homemade pancetta with grilled nutmeg
some of the items we had were off the menu.
Chef was still experimenting with a lot of ingredients and flavours.

wow...that's a huge piece of meat there!!!!

We need it to feed the hungry boys
they whacked most of the meat anyway
the yellow colored toppings were grilled bone marrow!!!!

Done to perfection
and they used Laguoile knives :)))))))))

Since there weren't greens and this tray of beautiful leeks and fennels were lying there, Monkey had to order them :))))))))

Different colored chopping board for different items

Chef David Pynt at work with his dedicated team

a peek out from the restaurant, u can see the famous "tze char"

as we speak, this building has been sold last weekend and that evening was their last business day. It's such a beautiful historical corner here.

Si Fu: "Monkey u have enuff food over there?"
Monkey: "errrr I think so?"

More food but I was really super stuffed
Si Fu: "WATTTT u mean u are STARVED???"

stuffed isn't the same as starved ok?

Ciggie break outside and an AGM meeting :P
of wat to eat after this :P
hahahahaha yes I was really STARVED

dessert of char grilled pineapples, rum and vanilla
superb :))))))))))

The men said women alwiz discussed about Diamonds, Jewelries, Shoes and bags
That's not true!!!!
we were discussed about vacations :))))) so when are we heading to Tuscany for more cooking drinking and food?

J&J Jelina, Bagaholic Tracie and Monkey

Burnt Bananas and caramel was my favourite dessert of the evening :))))))))

Apple Cinnamon and Lemon
lurve the presentation and taste :)))))

We were so lucky and honored to be shown personally by Chef Pynt
his Mean Machine
the 4 tonne twin stone oven

don't play-play, his inferno comes with digital computerised temperature control!!!!

he uses only good quality wood to produce the desired fire, heat and quality.
Charcoal delivers too much of smoke and changed the taste of the meat.

He then explained that the amber woodfire were transfered to these grill that comes with special handling gears, to adjust the height of your grill.
It's all about control he said
To me it's all about passion.

Chef Pynt is so passionate about wat he does
I guess that's the key point of delivering great food from your heart.

Thank you for all the yummy creation and food you've created. It certainly left a really good memory in us and we will definitely return - but it's so difficult to get a reservation here!!!!

Chef David Pynt was actually very tall, he was so sweet and stood lower to be on the same height as Monkey....hehehehehe :)))))

oh wait, there's still food!!!
hahahah...really burnt caramelized financiers
I didn't know his stove is so versatile. :))))))))

If you are in Singapore, make no excuse...try it soon :))

Burnt Ends
20 Teck Lim Road,
Tel: +65 6224 3933


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